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  1. hate to bump an old post, but having same issues...did the dealer replace the usb port or do something else? trying to figure what i should tell them when putting in service , i need android auto, was a key point for me in buying the lower trim model that i got and no its now working at all through the usb...uggggh Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  2. so, here's an update...really weird update...earlier this week, my pixel updated to android 10. AA still wasnt working, and i had given up on it. on a whim the other day i went back to the original cable i had used when it worked in July (said cable did NOT work for over month, and i had been using a newer hjgher rated cable to charge phone) soon as i plugged it in AA started up on the infotainment sytem and my phone. works great now, i have tye new interface and all...but ONLY with that cheapo home depot cable! my anker cables and the OG pixel cables dont work, just my cheapo cable will get AA to run...only thing i changed was the phone update and now it works .,but only with that ONE cable... Sent from my SM-T350 using Tapatalk
  3. Tried new cables, reset the head unit, different phones, even iPhone for car play...no luck...I am going to try to clean the USB port one more time, if that doesn't work, I reckon I gotta bring in for service appt and see if the plug is jacked up
  4. Got my Custom Crew cab just over a month ago, live the truck and coming from an '11 pilot love the features, minimal as they are ..one highlight was Android auto; allowed me to save a few $$ and use my pixel 2xl for nav and whatnot. Used it liberally with one cord all through the past month, but right around the 17th, the head unit stopped recognizing my phone...phone charges through the cord, but the head unit won't recognize it's ugged in and Android auto won't run...tried several other cords, a reset of the head unit, and other phones to no avail....any tips or ideas? Really weird because it worked GREAT for the first few weeks, had a couple days of intermittent connection, and now it's gone baby, gone...it's turned on on the head unit settings, too.. Anybody have similar issue? Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. same here, emailed the socialmedia account around 9 last night and got the sheet emailed to me around midnight
  6. I just ordered a set of "rugged wheel liners" from realtruck... will see how they are when i get them and report back...were only $90, added to my order for nerf bars
  7. looking to get them for my 1500 custom crew, can anybody confirm this is the correct part # : Wheel Housing Liner Set, Rear - GM (84263801)
  8. anybody know for sure if this will work on the standard Custom model, not just the trailboss? Just picked mine up last week and the lack of center console storage is mind boggling, but I want to be sure its the same part before I take the plunge
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