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  1. I have the Weather Tech's with the rear storage and mine fit great. The rear lip goes up the base of under seat storage around an inch. I hate how the passenger side mat slides around so I put some Velcro on that side to help keep it secured.
  2. 18x9 +1 Fuel Assaults with 275/70/18's on order.
  3. Also the Kirkland baby wipes from Costco are awesome and everyone should keep some in their truck.
  4. Baby wipes are in my center console at all times and they work great for spot clean ups... I went over the original Meguiar's ultimate protectant with Meguiar's quick detailer spray and it did the trick. Interior looks awesome with just a touch of the wet look and no oily residue.
  5. The salesman I used told me the WT's were better than the Z71's .....are the Z71's rubber, because I might buy a set of the fronts.
  6. Bought a set of Weather Tech's and my wife is irritated by the floor mat sliding around. I was thinking of getting some Velcro to stick to the bottom, but am open to better suggestions. I'm a bit disappointed in the WT floor liners and they factory mats suck. My old truck(2014 fx4 Ecoboost) had awesome factory rubber floor mats. Are the premium Silverado mats rubber or thermoplastic like the WT's?
  7. Thanks guys... I'm going to try the Meguiar's one more time and see if it evens out. If not, my neighbor works for a paint shop and they use the chemical guys products for everything so I'll probably give them a try.
  8. What interior cleaners are you guys using? I tried the Meguiar's ultimate protectant and finish came out all blotchy because of the texture of the dash. The Meguiar's leather detailer worked well on the black seats BTW.
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