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  1. I purchased an AT4, with the 6.2, Tech, AT4 Prem Pkg, Dirver Alert, and Dura Trac Tires for $53,000. Close to $11,000 off MRSP so I was good with that. Purchased it at the end of July, seemed they were willing to deal due to it being month-end. I saw better deals (percentage off MRSP) for the SLT trim level. Seems the AT4's are/were in a bit shorter supply.
  2. The same situation here. I just had it at the dealer to swap out to a new SD card and obviously they didn't update it either. I have the AT4 trim if that matters.
  3. I with the 6.2 mainly due to the 10 speed transmission that went with it.
  4. I had my choice between an AT4 Black or Red (exactly the same options) and went with the Black one. Sixth black vehicle I've owed, so I know they are hard to keep clean, but when it is, nothing looks as good. Plus I think the color ages well. Even though I ended up with black, I almost pulled the trigger on a red one in May, but as I waited for a few months to get a better deal, I started to fall a bit out of love with the red color. That made me worry that I would grow tired of Red over time. Anyway, obviously a personal choice.
  5. Well it happened again, the navigation wouldn't work, with the message that the SD card had been removed. Also as someone else mentioned the USB ports (all four in front) stopped working. This all occurred on start up this time, last time it was while I was driving. I drove down the block and back and turned the truck off. Waited a minute and turned it back on and everything, navigation and usb worked fine. I'll call the dealer on Monday and see what they say. Hopefully this isn't one of those things that is hard to trace. With the USB charges not working, it appears to be more serious than just the SD card needing to be replaced.
  6. Thanks, I haven't had any issues since, hopefully it was fluke. I installed a console lockbox earlier that day perhaps I jarred something.
  7. I know this topic is a month old, but my AT4 that I've had a week did the "no navigation/SD Card Remove"thing tonight. It was working and then stopped in route. On the way back, after the truck being off for maybe 5 minutes it worked fine. Hopefully, this issue doesn't continue. Everything else has been great, including the navigation when it works. I was wondering if anyone else is still having this issue or if they have fixed the problem for the most part.
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