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  1. The stocks ones are horrible, any recommendations? Thanks
  2. Here it is, added the gm black 6" steps, and gm rear wheel well liners. Just waxed.
  3. Its all minor things that I'm nit picking about, and I do think I will be fine without the stuff. I only plan to drive about 5K a year. If this was a daily driver, I would be more frustrated. Its just weird that it has remote start, but not some of the other stuff.
  4. Just got the truck today, I love the exterior...however, the inside leaves a lot to be desired. Top 5 things I miss: steering wheel audio controls, center console does not open for storage inside, no usb sockets in the rear seating area, no fold down rear seat for middle arm rest with cup holders, and I hate the dash information screen, have to use a little lever to change screens. Not sure if I will keep truck too long, definitely should have got the LT.
  5. I bought a 2500 Custom 2 weeks ago that was on a lot, but don't have it yet because the black 6" tube steps are not in yet. That's frustrating also.
  6. I purchased one and should have it home Saturday. I like the looks, but the only thing that annoys me is that it doesn't have audio controls on the steering wheel. Other then that, for what I need it for I think its a great package and a good price. What are your thoughts on the Custom?
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