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  1. 1.5" for $130. Is this a good way to get the front up a little more? Thanks
  2. Would like just 1" rise in front end, but I see conflicting reports on doing it. What's the best leveling kit to get to just raise the front end slightly?
  3. What looks best for running boards/nerf bars on a Trail Boss LT? Thanks
  4. What membership do I need to purchase...is the $60 one ok to get the deal?
  5. its paid off, I want steering wheel radio controls and backup sensors.
  6. Sorry...im asking how much will I get for my custom from a dealer, I want to trade it for a LT.
  7. Trying to trade it in for an LT, how much should I expect the dealer to give me for it? 2020 Custom 48000 MSRP $500 LineX 3000 miles. Thanks
  8. I don't like not having the steering wheel controls for the radio. How is a SLE equipped? It looks like they have a lot more perks then my custom. Thoughts?
  9. 950 miles, I got 18.75 mpg on my custom on my first tank of gas I paid for myself.
  10. The stocks ones are horrible, any recommendations? Thanks
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