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  1. if you can't hear the fuel pump run , it usually means its not running , fuel pumps are not quiet, we have to start somewhen on diagnose crank no start , fuel pressure is easiest , then move to spark , and so on , on my 98 with a 5.7 my fuel pump ran , but only putting out 30 lbs psi , my truck requires 60 lbs psi , so even though pump ran , it wasn't putting out enough pressure to start the truck
  2. check all your fuses , then start checking grounds and power , do you have power to all these lights, did you over load the circuit, and then start looking at your grounds, check for shorted or bare wires , was the extra lights installed and wired in a professional manner
  3. im thinking bad fuel pump , have you checked fuel pressure
  4. not sure about reverse , but light flashing on 4x4 switch could be just a bad switch , do you hear the transfer case switch gears
  5. i would start checking grounds in the dash and at all the lights , im guessing hazard light switch went bad , and needs replacing , but dome light would be a bad ground somewhere
  6. http://www.alldatadiy.com/alldatadiy/DIY~V117044108~C32482~R0~OD~N/0/56775861/62806477/62806527/62806530/34853741/34869956/34869958/56473559 here is the dash wiring digram for a 98 , i hope this helps
  7. i dont think ABS controls speedo , transmission does , speed sensor its on housing of trans. and you have to use scanner to calibrate for tire size
  8. my suggestion would be remove pump , unhook all wire to actual pump , not sender , just pump , then place pump assembly back in tank and hook sender back up, should work if no wires were cut
  9. junk yard , or ebay are your only two choices there, they dont make them or repair them anywhere
  10. i think they still sell them for a 98 suburban , they should be the exact same, but not positive
  11. sounds like a bad ground ,or loose wire , i would start where your working on it first, the check around lighting grounds
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