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  1. you can take your vin to dealer parts they can print you a list of rpo codes that your truck has including paint codes, i did mine and then laminated it so i have it when ordering parts to get exact fitment
  2. https://www.bilsteinlifts.com/?swoof=1&pa_vehicle-year=2000&pa_make=chevy&pa_model=tahoe
  3. i agree move the camera back some as we need to see whole area, it might be an old part they left laying in the truck, but cant really tell, kinda looks like upper spring bushing
  4. all your front joints greased up, ball joints, tie rod ends, etc., you dont have cv axles on a c1500 they are on k1500 as the "K" is four wheel drive, and "C" is 2 wheel drive, are you in snow country where even grease freezes
  5. im sure the will take wrong one back , i had dealer print a list of my rpo codes with explanation of what they are , it has helped me in getting parts it also has date and place of where truck was built so you know if it an early or late model
  6. the only one i know of thats under a grand is the launch x431 diagun v pro3 it runs about 650.00 but it will do what you want
  7. its not the wire or plug , if you're not getting spark from distributor to that wire , i would look inside the distributor to ignition control module failing
  8. the fuel pump should hold fuel pressure , it sound like your check valve in the pump has failed and you're losing pressure, all that means is you need a new fuel pump , i would suggest oem , many aftermarket pumps dont hold up
  9. an easy way is to rent a coolant pressure tester from local auto parts and pressurize your system , the leak will show it self very quickly, remember no more that 15 lbs of pressure
  10. i had a problem almost similar , when doing a slow speed turn it felt like front wanted to go straight, but no chirping , it was the tires , they were old and starting to dry rot, and side walls would roll when i turned , i have new tires now and that went away, hope this helps.
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