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  1. 3 years ago i had same problem , my rear diff was soo worn out the teeth on both gears were sharp , my rear diff bound up and took out my transfer case , driveline , and trans adapter, i was in alabama at the time , cost almost 3000 to get it back on road to get it home and finish repairs
  2. gearwrench has a complete flair nut wrench set , used to have a sale , buy metric set and get sae set, 6 wrenches in each set , it was about 70.00 for both sets
  3. are your motor mounts good, if the engine flexes too much it might bind up throttle
  4. i would just rent a coolant pressure tester , from local part house , pump it up to 15 lbs and see if you can find the leak , like cam says might be head gasket , could also be intake, they have a problem with leaks Coolant Leaking From Intake Gaskets (GM 4.3L, 5.0L, 5.7L) /images/articles-200-299/250/259/index-thumbs/image_thumb_home_page_1.jpg One of the most common problems on the GM Vortec ‘Spider’ 4.3L, 5.0L, and 5.7L engines is coolant leaking from the intake manifold... [read more] at: troubleshootmyvehicle.com
  5. https://trailers.com/tow-capacity/1995_Chevrolet_GMC_Suburban_C1500_(2WD)_1385.html this is as close as i could get to your truck , engines are different but the 5.7 is a strong engine
  6. there are two grounds on right side of engine , one on top and one on back side of head , those both go to a/c system, need to check them
  7. stepdown drill bit would be perfect, https://www.amazon.com/CO-Z-Titanium-Automatic-Aluminum-Multiple/dp/B076QC39PY/ref=sxin_15_ac_d_mf_br?ac_md=2-1-Q08tWg%3D%3D-ac_d_mf_br_br&crid=30A6DR8B70KQ9&cv_ct_cx=step+down+drill+bits&dchild=1&keywords=step+down+drill+bits&pd_rd_i=B076QC39PY&pd_rd_r=112f2032-e2c9-4daf-9e6d-ec85b24e0518&pd_rd_w=joJvH&pd_rd_wg=Ga8Ox&pf_rd_p=240a6b3d-c685-4c82-a634-b1e102521208&pf_rd_r=D6NCY3ABN5FD3QYDAENM&psc=1&qid=1631098250&sprefix=step+down+drill+bits%2Caps%2C204&sr=1-2-50772b5e-7b2f-4320-b1f5-e3fa93385c7d
  8. can you get washers at hardware store and drill them out , i think body washers should be big enough
  9. on my 98 i have 18 grounds throughout the truck, so no a ground to intake is not unusual , there is something draining the battery overnight , with everything shut off you need to start by removing your negative cable of battery and put an amp meter in between bat and neg cable, then see what the draw is, then start pulling fuses till that draw goes away, once you find the fuse , then check your wires on that circuit to find the draw. it could take awhile so you need to have patience, you shouldnt have more than 0.050 amps draw on electrical system , any more than that is a parasite draw
  10. sounds like rear diff bearings are bad, you are gonna be getting deep in rear diff , so you will need bearing kit at the least, you wont know what else till you open it up , but prepare for replacing more, maybe ring and pinion and so forth
  11. my truck is a 98 and that is the code for keyless on it , wouldnt think the would change it
  12. try summit racing , they have good prices and free shipping over a certain amount
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