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  1. i would check wrecking yards, probably in the south , as they last longer and still around
  2. do you have the correct tire size , has rear diff been changed , if not speedo should be with in 5 mph of actual , mine runs 3-4 miles slow
  3. this is just my opinion , based on almost logic , the engine should not start and run , because the computer controls the whole truck engine , transmission , everything , no computer no start or run
  4. i would go on line and compare lift kits for both see if they are the same , i think that is your best option
  5. there are several companies that can fix your gauge cluster , i had mine done from a company in florida , but i know of another company in new york state, and im thinking another is in washington state, i know the first two , but third one i had just heard about it
  6. i just looked on my all data, and you are correct cam sensor is on back of engine in distributor , and that is the knock sensor , , my mistake
  7. does it have a tow package ?, if it does , just run in tow mode , if not 1000 miles of flat land you should be fine in drive , drive speed limits and watch your temp gauge, check trans fluid when getting gas, and check dipstick for burn smell
  8. both wires off switch re hot and ground , they reverse polarity when switch goes up or down , the ground for that would be one of the 18 grounds on the truck , probably drivers side under dash somewhere
  9. on the side in front of starter would be the cam sensor
  10. bell housings might bolt up different, and thats all the changes im aware of
  11. fyi , its almost never the ecm , what he is describing sounds to me like a short in the wiring , or maybe a bad ground, check your powers and grounds and i think you will find your problem
  12. your axle is probably moving side to side , im guessing only , but i would say you have a bad axle or bad bearings for the axle
  13. if your looking for metal bracket , junkyard is your only hope , but if you just need the clips , they are still available, if your brackets are broken , can they be welded back together
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