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  1. my gauge is near the empty mark , went to bank yesterday , and check gauge light was on , oil pressure almost zero , put it in gear , oit pressure returned to normal, i have thought about putting mechanical gauge on engine , because i know my pressure is good, have new sending unit , and had gauges rebuilt back in nov, it never happened before new fuel pump last summer, but that seames to be working good
  2. mine does same thing , i noticed it as i was getting close to refilling gas tank on road trip, checked oil it was fine , come to think of it the oil sending unit , or sensor whichever you have , is connected to fuel system, so that might be the cause , i have noticed it one other time after a 3 hr trip it did it again , but i was close to home so i didnt go much farther, and at that time my sensor was brand new
  3. did it do it the whole trip , or occasionally , if whole trip , new sending unit is advisable
  4. check continuity do you have a signal coming from sensor , lots of youtube channels will help you figure that out
  5. if plugging in number 3 spark plug wire kills it , i would be thinking short in ignition system, distributor cap is a possibility as it only does it on 1 cylinder, i would replace, plug ,wire, and distr cap. and that should solve problem, cat would have nothing to do with it as it only happens on one cylinder, and shutting off engine is electrical problem .
  6. your truck has a check valve in pump , and you need 55 +lbs for truck to start, anything less it wont start
  7. im sorry i thought you want a driveline , dyslexia strikes again
  8. there are driveline shops that make new shafts i had one made when i was in southhaven, mississippi, outside of memphis tenn. here in phoenix ther are 5 or 6 driveline shops , the build them and balance them all in one shop
  9. are you using a black light , i you have dye it and its leaking it will show up , try a spray bottle and soapy water, bubbles will show the leaks, just spray each connection one at a time till you see bubbles forming
  10. i believe the transmission has a different bolt pattern , the bellhousing on my 98 is a bolt on to the transmission so you might be able to swap out bell housing, other than that and pcm , i believe your good
  11. as old as it is , and amount of miles and rust , wouldnt you think a new front suspension might be the way to go, i replaced mine last year with all moog parts including gearbox
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