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  1. My truck is bone stock also, the chevy's are single in single out so drone should be minimal with just doing a muffler. I did a muffler on my previous tundra (dual in single out) and it was gawd awful on the hwy. I think I'll go with a mangaflow, I just want a little rumble, nothing crazy.
  2. Since I have 37k miles of warranty left I didn't want to do a full reprogram of the ECU, I bought the range disabler. Used a coupon code and got it for $189 shipped. Drove to work this morning and the truck is so much nicer to drive now. Feels like it gained some HP (probably didn't but seat of the pants feels that way). Shifting is also better.
  3. Cleaned my dad's '16 sierra 5.3 last night but he bought CRC intake valve cleaner. His procedure was different from mine with sea foam. I think next time I'll try the CRC. According to some info I found you're supposed to clean theses direct inj motors every 7k miles.
  4. Other than price would the range AFM disable be a good "mod" compared to tuning? It just plugs in and disables the AFM right? No HP gain..
  5. I'll drive it hard on the way home and see if anything changes. Other than that I'm lost.
  6. Yes I did, my dad was rev'ing the truck to 2000 while I emptied the can in the throttlebody.
  7. Well I don't have a CEL. After doing the spray I let it sit for 10mins then drove it hard for about 10mins until the white smoke stopped. Did some 20-90mph WOT pulls and it ran great. I also did not spray anything near the MAF, I sprayed the cleaner directly into the throttlebody.
  8. So last night I bought some of the seafoam upper intake cleaner and fogged my truck. I followed the instructions but this morning on the way to work I noticed when the AFM switches from v4-v8 it shutters and it wasn't doing that before. Is it possible when I disconnected the intake the MAF sensor got out of whack because the airflow was disturbed and it will reset or have I messed up something? Thought about disconnecting the battery this afternoon and seeing it everything will reset. What's strange is the video I watched on how to do the process on seafoam's website is the 5.3 GM engine.
  9. New to GM's, just bought a 2016 over the weekend and want to disable AFM and get some trans tuning. I've been looking at the superchips flashpaq F5 and black bear. Is one better than the other? I know black bear is custom tuning, my truck is bone stock and I'm not looking to race it or anything. I'd just like to have a little more pep and get rid of the fast shifting (lugging) transmission improved.
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