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  1. I don't believe that's what mine sounds like, I'll try to get a video next time. Mine may be fuel injectors, I've never had a misfire code.
  2. Is it possible this noise could be the fuel injectors? I'm a member of a GM facebook group and several guys there say they have researched the noise themselves and with dealer techs and they said the noise is the injectors.
  3. I'm thinking about just dumping the truck and getting something else. Overall the truck is nice and looks great inside/out but I'm not dealing with motor issues at 56k miles.
  4. Now that you mention the oil stuff I'm wondering if I caused this... I bought the truck used with 53k miles on it, one owner - regular maint on car fax. Truck was bone stock. I got to doing some research and saw that this engine was DI so I bought some seafoam intake cleaner and did that through the throttle body. About a week later I did it again with CRC brand then changed my oil. I'm wondering if I dislodged something and its blocking that screen or if that's even possible? My current oil only has about 2000 miles on it. I used 0w-20 full syn with a wix filter. The truck drives fine, when I heard the clicking I didn't have any CEL's or missing. Just the clicking sound during each revolution. It stopped a few days ago but the 5wks I've owned the truck it has run smooth on the highway. Even after disabling v4 I'm avg about 20mpg which I thought was good for a full size 4wd.
  5. Thanks for the help. Odd thing is I heard the clicking noise for about 4days in a row last week. I haven't heard the noise in a couple days including today. IDK if that's a good sign or bad?
  6. Ok, well I am running a range disabler. Should I drive the truck once a week or something and let V4 kick in/out to lube the lifters?
  7. Dealer called back and said they could not replicate the noise. Said it could be a purge valve (whatever that is). I still say its the lifters, I may try some 5w oil next oil change instead of the 0w.
  8. Well I dropped it off this morning and of course it wasn't making the noise today. I'll probably get charged a service fee for wasting there time. It's been doing it about 2wks I just hadn't had time to get it to the dealer.
  9. Noticed over the last few days at cold or hot idle the lifters/rockers are ticking. Sounds like two or three of them doing it, possibly more. Its very obvious sitting in park with the drivers window down, each revolution you can hear click click click....click click click. Its not an exhaust or fuel injection noise. The noise appears to go away when driving, I only have 4k miles left on my power train warranty so I figured might as well take it in. I'm assuming if it is lifters/rocker arms that would be covered??
  10. My truck is bone stock also, the chevy's are single in single out so drone should be minimal with just doing a muffler. I did a muffler on my previous tundra (dual in single out) and it was gawd awful on the hwy. I think I'll go with a mangaflow, I just want a little rumble, nothing crazy.
  11. Since I have 37k miles of warranty left I didn't want to do a full reprogram of the ECU, I bought the range disabler. Used a coupon code and got it for $189 shipped. Drove to work this morning and the truck is so much nicer to drive now. Feels like it gained some HP (probably didn't but seat of the pants feels that way). Shifting is also better.
  12. Cleaned my dad's '16 sierra 5.3 last night but he bought CRC intake valve cleaner. His procedure was different from mine with sea foam. I think next time I'll try the CRC. According to some info I found you're supposed to clean theses direct inj motors every 7k miles.
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