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  1. Took my truck in this Tuesday for the rear window leak, an oil change and a small paintless dent repair. I specified for the service advisor to call me once they found the leak and before they did any repairs to it. Well I get a call Thursday saying the dent and oil change were done, but they hadn't had time to get to the water leak yet. I reminded them to call once they found the leak and before anything was done to correct it. I received a call today around noon that the truck was ready and the window leak had been "fixed". Well I knew what that meant, the "caulk it up method" had been applied. So after work I headed down ready to have a conversation about how that is the most ridiculous fix on a brand new truck and won't last. I finally got to the assistant service manager. I let him explain their process and I explained where I was at. 5 minutes later he was ordering a new window for me. I have to give my dealership credit. They never gave me grief and were very cooperative and understanding. It's the reason I bought from them in the first place. They are a very large operation and glad they stand behind their sales! I'll give an update when the window comes in and after. While I'm not thrilled they attempted a fix before contacting me, I'm glad I was able to get the new window ordered before leaving the lot. To everyone else going through this I wish you all the best of luck! It's insane we are in this position. While I understand things happen, we shouldn't have to go through a month long (or longer) dog and pony show to get to a fair resolution. Caulk (sealant) is meant for bathrooms and a 1989 beater, not a brand new truck.
  2. Beyond ridiculous that this many have the same issue. Anyone know what a rear window cost is? I refuse to let them do a "caulk job" on my brand new truck with less than 100 miles on it. Of course I'm gonna go through the process and see what they say, but to put a tube of sealer on top of a cracked window frame on a brand new truck is insane.
  3. Add me to the list of those affected by rear window leaking. Bought the truck on Wednesday with 86 miles on it, had water on both rear seats on Thursday. It's an 8/18 Fort Wayne assembly LTZ. Dealership can't even look at it till a week from Tuesday 9/3/19. Needless to say not happy one bit. I hope they are able to just replace the window, without trying the sloppy caulking job 1st, but I doubt it.
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