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  1. I’m looking to update some of the trim in my 2019 Custom Silverado. Dash/Radio/AC/Door trim. Any ideas where to look, or who makes good kits for this? I’d even consider just buying upgraded trim packages off an LT/RST/LTZ type upgrades.
  2. Maybe around 15 hours total. It’s possible to do it over a weekend, especially with help.
  3. I was able to remove the front seats pretty easily. The wire harness come undone from under the seat by sliding the red release clip back, then pressing Down on the top left corner Of the grey Slide sleeve. Then remove the 4 bolts that hold the seat in and you can remove the front seats. I was able to save all the cloth covers since they are all held on by clips and zippers. The only cuts I had to make were on the cloth head covers along the bottom to get them off a little easier. I just cut the stitching out to help open them up and slide them off a bit easier. Everything else was pretty stra
  4. Finally had some down tine to complete the install. They came out pretty awesome, and learned a few things along the way!
  5. I got them in Wednesday, and I'm about half way completed with the install. It's been pretty easy so far.
  6. Has anyone done a self install of Katzkin leather seats on a 19 Silverado? any specific tools needed? how long did it take? any advice?
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