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  1. Ok so have a small update for you guys. Finally got a hold of the SA who called me Friday morning about the "parts" being in. He jumped the gun when he called me not realizing they ALSO ordered the replacement Stub-Shaft. Now the next question is "Is it the new stub-shaft, and what is the part number?" He replied "I'm not sure because our ordering system with GM won't tell us with special order parts." So yeah, definitely was hoping they could at least tell me so I could report back, but he said they are still waiting for the Stub-Shaft and no idea when it's coming but could take up to a month. So hopefully this is an "updated" part and not the one Jet got or anyone else.
  2. Ok so from what I’m understanding if it doesn’t include the stub shaft it’s going to be a waste taking it in? I tried emailing my SA yesterday morning and no reply yet. I’ll call and ask.
  3. So just curious has ANYONE had this supposed "Fix" with the bulletin that came out Aug. 5 had it actually resolve the noise? For me the noise isn't so much a jingle per say but more or less a scraping noise like the wheel hitting against the brakes
  4. Ok I will call them up and ask and let them know....so guess I should just live with it?
  5. Oh ok...well guess that settles that lol....any insight on what to do next then?
  6. Ok. I’m going to go ahead and be the guinea pig and let them do the fix lol. It looks like this is the supposed fix since it dates August 5, and this was the same info that my SA had. Cross your fingers everyone! Truck goes in Monday.
  7. So just got a call from the dealer and they are stating “the part is in”. I was like what is “the part?” lol He said it’s a ring, seal and a sling? He said those are the parts for the updated bulletin and is the supposed fix. So it sounds like they don’t want to swap the axle but more or less “fix” the axle so it doesn’t make the annoying noise I guess? What do you guys think?
  8. Got GM to send me the build sheet for my truck and sure enough SU4 for the front axle so mine definitely has the issue and the build date was 06/03/2019. How did did you get GM’s attention for the free extended warranty? Did you have to go through the BBB?
  9. Yeah sounds like my experience yesterday. Fingers crossed this really IS the fix.
  10. I’ll check mine and take a picture. Where exactly is it located under the truck?
  11. My thoughts exactly on the new fix. It sounds like they (GM) finally figured it out and there having to manufacture and new axle which would explain why they can only order it. I guess time will tell.
  12. Unfortunately not. I tried but all he said was GM doesn’t have it and won’t for a little while. Haven’t checked my build sheet but I’m sure it’s an SU4. As soon as they call me that the part is in I’ll let you guys know. Oddly enough mine was built 06/19 but you’d think with all these issues, they would've fix it moving forward but I guess not.
  13. Ok so got an update. The SA at the dealership said that GM knows of the “new fix” and that the part is completely out of stock. They are making new ones and can take up to a month for my dealer to get it in. He ordered for me but said they are sure this will fix it. I asked if it was the axle and he said he didn’t know because when he put in the order the picture was blank and description lol. Hopefully this is the fix we’ve all been waiting for. I decided to get my truck back and wait for the part since I’ve only enjoyed it two days. Hope this helps you guys.
  14. Ok so service manager said he’s “seen” the bulletin but apparently has not had any trucks come in for this issue. I find that hard to believe since I live in Fort Worth and this is literally truck town but who knows maybe people just haven’t been paying attention. They gave me a loaner and said he’d move me to the top since I literally just bought it Monday but could be a few days. It sucks I only got to enjoy it 2 days. I just hope they really fix it.
  15. I definitely agree. I went ahead and emailed my dealership’s service manager and detailed all the stuff going on and I’ll report back if they (hopefully) respond.
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