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  1. Also, can anyone confirm that these are fully functional in a double cab once retrofit? I’ve only seen crew cabs
  2. BTW, your truck looks awesome! I have a Tungsten Metallic Z71 and went with black chrome 5656 style wheels. Definitely plan on painting the steps like you did
  3. Thanks for the reply, I've been following this thread and noticed pages 5 and 6 discuss fitting to the frame. I'm wondering if I can cut the boards down to fit to the size of the double cab.... probably overkill but while it looks awesome, I still think its obvious they are for a crew cab.
  4. I'm considering this mod on my 2016 Silverado LT double cab. Could I theoretically purchase a set of these tri-mode steps, remove the end caps and cut some off the end of the running boards to make these match up perfectly with the double cab (AMP Power step directions say to remove 7" for the double cab)? I really want to keep with the OEM look and these look much better than the AMP Power Steps.... Thanks!
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