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  1. Update. I opened a case with GM, per my dealers instruction. They wanted to replace the camera module but GM would not give them the go ahead. I filed the case a week ago and a lady called me today, she basically just apologized and told me they still don’t know how to fix it. I told her that was not acceptable to me as I’ve been told the same story since February. She was basically just like, “I’m really sorry, sir but I don’t know what to tell you.” beyond frustrated at this point.
  2. My dealer has replicated it both times they have had it. I just got off the phone with them and they recommended that I open a case with GM
  3. I have a 2019 RST and I have had issues with the backup camera flickering since about December of 2019. In February I had it in for an oil change and asked them to fix the camera while it was in. They said GM has recognized the issue but has not issued a fix for the issue yet. At the start of July I called back and asked if they could fix it yet. They said yes. They replaced the camera but it did not fix the issue. They reached back out to GM for help. GM once again stated that they have recognized the issue but do not have a fix!? Anyone else run in to this? Any suggestions?
  4. Anyone been able to get the “flickering” back up camera fixed? My dealer replaced my back up camera and it did not fix the issue. They started a tac case but GM has not responded.
  5. I ordered the front and rear for my RST this morning. Will update after it’s installed
  6. I spent hours researching what wheels would clear the calipers. I finally quit wasting my time and simply started emailing the manufacturers.
  7. That looks like exactly what I’m looking for
  8. Thanks for the input guys. I have actually been kicking around the idea of swapping my 2” blocks for 1.5”. I like a little rake in my truck but the 2” block is a little too much for me. knowing superlift uses that shock for a 1.5” block should work out perfectly
  9. I am looking to replace my factory rear shocks with a set of bilstein 5100s. I’ve added a 2” block to the rear and for the past few months have been fine with a 2” shock extender. I recently added a set of larger tires and now want to upgrade the rear shocks. According to Bilstein they only make a rear shock for 0-1” of lift for our trucks. Part #24-293471 (15.71”-24.93”) so - my question is... can I simply find a bilstein shock that is roughly 1” longer than the one they make for our trucks? part #24-186742 seems like it should work at 16.14” - 26.15”
  10. Wanted to update everyone. I threw on a set of extenders from motofab for now, as the factory shocks have less than 5k miles on them. I can definitely tell a difference in the rear end after adding them. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  11. Thanks everyone. I think I will add extensions for now and wait until more options come to market.
  12. Care to share some of those better options? That is what i am looking for. Ideally, the length i should be looking for.
  13. Thanks! I was looking at the extensions but would really like to just find a longer shock that is correct in length and be done.
  14. I installed 2” lift blocks in the rear of my ‘19 RST and would like to add longer shocks to go with them. I saw rough country makes a rear shock for 0-3” lifts, but I want to make sure I get something good for my everyday driving.
  15. Purchase was from Labor Day weekend. 2019 Silverado RST, 4wd, 5.3, convenience 1 package. MSRP was $46,975 I paid $33,352 before TTL fees. (Discount is from rebates and additional negotiated off price. No trade in involved) Dealer made me finance for 3 months and then I can pay the loan off. That was 29% off MSRP Jake Sweeney Chevrolet in Cincinnati, Oh.
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