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  1. Installed my AT4 Readylift Level today. Nice quality kit. Did what it says and rides the same as it did stock
  2. You have to pay for labor if you have them install it but the re tune flash is covered in the price of the CAI. I installed mine myself and took it to the dealer for a re flash only which is covered with the labor code.
  3. The the best of my knowlege it is about the factory equipped tire. 20” wheels with 275/60/20 tend to be 112mph 18” wheels regardless of tire 98mph The 22” 265/50/22 with Alenza tires also 112
  4. They come paint to match if they are not chrome. Online parts catalogs have not been updated but they are available.
  5. Having owned a 98, 06, 14 and now a 19 GMC I don’t miss anything. Every truck has been better then the last and all have served me well.
  6. Installed mine today. Was easy. 15 min with a 7mm, plastic trim tools, and a torx bit. One connector on the back and thats it
  7. Awesome. So you just remove the top panel on the dash, un bolt it and that is it? Nothing with the center stack or console?
  8. So this was complete plug n play with the pre programmed IDC? I have one already for my AT4 but have not gotten around to installing yet.
  9. I think what it comes down to is this. If you have an A8 without any issues you probably like it and like it more then what you were previously driving. If you have driven an A10 and have an A8 , you wish you had the A10. The difference isn’t about the two extra OD gears, its the entire trans, how it is built and programmed. I think it it is great they are offering it with the 5.3 now on higher trims but I would still pair it with a 6.2 for how little the step up is.
  10. Im still on the fence. My GM/Borla 3.5” is growing on me and in reality it flows as well as dual 2.75” so if the tone difference isn’t huge vs a regular S type single then I may just custom fab my own duals with two mufflers and a x pipe.
  11. The muffler itself may act as an x pipe. Haven’t seen one up close yet but considering ordering
  12. I like the true dual system. Will there be a touring or Atak version or just the S type? Is the piping 2.75”?
  13. It requires a new bumper if you want to use the factory tips. It would not if you just dump behind the bumper.
  14. Run premium 91+. The 6.2 needs it and octane boost is not a substitute.
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