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  1. I had the RL level kit already so I kept the UCAs. Running a 20x9 +1 wheel setup
  2. Running the Bilstein 6112 at 1.2” with the Readylift UCA. Works great.
  3. The TB/AT4 6112 have 3 height settings The non TB/AT4 kits have 6 settings
  4. I essentially built this kit. 6112/5100 but with the Readylift UCA I had from my level kit I removed for the 6112.
  5. My AT4 came with 20” wheels and Bridgestone AT tires. Limiter is at 112.
  6. The 21 is not taller. Its just a taller tire on the 20” wheel then the 18s.
  7. Yes I am aware of where the 1:1 gears are in A8/10 and do not use those but the guys running these in 3rd gear to avoid exceeding 100 mph are not getting the most accurate numbers. The stock driveshafts generally hold to 120 if the angle are not bad from lifting or lowering the wrong way. The guys who have trucks with a 112 limiter can get away with 4th on the A10
  8. You guys dynoing with stock tuning in the wrong gear to avoid the limiter are not getting the best data. Then again we are talking about CAI and exhaust here. I spend most of my day everyday on the dyno tuning cars/trucks so Im pretty well versed in this stuff. The L87 ( I own one) does not dyno or respond to mods any differently then an L86. There are just some slight variances in driveline loss between the A6, A8 and A10 offered over the years. I have not bothered with tuning mine yet due to the cost. I will be doing so when I install a 2650 in early 21.
  9. Factory 20s will get you a 112 limiter which will allow a stock 6.2 to complete the 1/4 mile
  10. I love my DC AT4. Prob wouldn’t have found one on a lot though. I ordered it optioned with what I wanted.
  11. Im not big on these but Banks offers the best product
  12. Ford and FCA will be forced to do similar things security wise
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