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  1. Its Borla made and a solid cat back. No more power in others but its not the loudest
  2. Run Redline 0w20 along with a K&N HP filter or Wix on my 19 6.2 and dod the same with my previous 14 5.3 with a supercharger.
  3. No one has them yet. They are taking orders but not shipping until the first week in August
  4. Are they allowing Max Tow on AT4 now? Usually NHT would require SLT.
  5. Even the GM CAI tells you to turn off the air filter life monitor using your steering wheel controls after install
  6. I just installed a Retrax Pro MX on my AT4. Works and looks great so far and seals nicely against the multi pro tailgate. Not cheap but looks like it will hold up well
  7. MAF location on the S&B isn’t great, especially for a no tune intake. Other then the GM/ tune update I’d say Rotofab has the best product
  8. Ive got a Retrax Pro MX on my 19. Well made and about as secure as a tonneau can be.
  9. Im happy with my Readylift AT4 level 7000 miles in.
  10. Its not an AT4 thing its a tire thing. If you have 18” Duratracs that is prob why the 98 limit. My AT4 that came with factory 20” Bridgestones is limited at 112. 6.2/A10
  11. The AMP steps just get cut down for the Double cab. Same PN
  12. I had one on my K2 and loved it but it would have been annoying without AFM turned off. Not sure how it would be on a T1 with DFM active
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