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  1. My GM 6.2 exhaust is definitely Borla made not Corsa. Easy to tell by the muffler design and the fact that Borla said they made them.
  2. All this does is correct the speedo. It has no effect on shift points
  3. My 14 and my 19 were both built at Ft Wayne. No issues.
  4. Gm performance exhaust

    I like my GM Borla system. You cannot turn DFM off so the louder systems will sound like shit when DFM kicks in until the ability to turn it off comes. Notice you only get idle and WOT videos not cruise videos from exhaust companies
  5. Window Tint in CA

    I have been happy leaving it that way on my past two trucks so continued to do it that way. Some people like darker but you can do whatever you want on the back windows
  6. Window Tint in CA

    I went 35% on the front windows and left the rears stock. No issues doing it the same way on my K2
  7. The TB, AT4 , Z71 and X31 trucks that come on an All terrain 20 switched sometime recently from from Bridgestone RHS to Goodyear Trail Runner AT 275/60/20. Both AT but more highway focused.
  8. I don’t regret purchasing my 19 AT4. I like it more the longer I have it. Its an upgrade to my 14 SLT for sure. I do like the Ram interior but not really anything else about it.
  9. I have run mine down far enough that the auto start/stop came back on even with the button turned off. I took that as a sign I had better stop right away lol
  10. When I PC’d mine a couple months back I did not remove the whole bumper. I used a 1/4” air ratchet to remove them.
  11. Dealer can only program factory files for your VIN. You will not be able to adjust for tires larger or smaller then stock until aftermarket tuning is available.
  12. Whipple Supercharger 2019 Truck

    I do too. The tcm can be unlocked but the ecm is not unlocked or tunable yet on the new body style 19 V8s using dfm.
  13. Whipple Supercharger 2019 Truck

    You are missing everything. That wouldn’t even be true on older models but with the 14+ trucks your throttle would never open because the torque model would be so far off not to mention running larger injectors without changing the data in the tuning would potentially cause damage. Maxed out fuel trims are not the way....
  14. Whipple Supercharger 2019 Truck

    Its the truth. I would expect a system to be released shortly after tuning is available but that may be a while and it will be more costly then a 14-18 supercharger because of it. Magnuson, Whipple, Procharger are all in the same boat.
  15. Menzerna Power Lock on this one.

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