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  1. 35% on the fronts. Stock tint in the back.
  2. You may not notice if you drive it easy all the time but there is a difference. You will never hear pinging because the knock sensors will pull timing before you can hear it. Then as repeated knock is picked up due to low octane fuel the truck will begin to transition towards the low octane timing table until knock activity is gone resulting in less power. No it won’t blow up but you might as well save the 3K on buying the 6.2 and get a 5.3 if you want to drive easy on 87 octane.
  3. Run 93 if available and 91 if not.
  4. That is correct. The cost will likely be too much for the bolt on guys.
  5. What I said is serious mods that absolutely require tuning like blowers, turbos etc. Intake and exhaust can be installed without tuning even though tuning would help.
  6. Well I myself have but beyond that Houston House of Power and others have as well. The average intake and exhaust guy will not pay the $2800-3000 it takes to tune one of these trucks. Serious mods requiring tuning would be things like boost from supercharger or turbo kits that are in the pipeline but not yet available. We are not talking about “canned” tunes here. Given that GM GDS is need to even swap the unlocked computer in, that market will not work with these trucks. The install of the ECM and tuning needs to be done at a shop in house with capabilities to do so, at least with the current tuning option available via HP Tuners.
  7. Not true. Tunes have been written to these trucks already. Just not a large amount due to cost of entry and lack of serious engine mods requiring tuning being available at this time.
  8. Racing teams even at the lowest level are not using the factory ECM. They are all on Motec systems. GM just increased security due to over the air hacking potential and increased emissions scrutiny. These decisions are not driven in any way by the aftermarket.
  9. Whipple told me 60-90 days last month
  10. Fuel Nitro 20x9 with 33” Ridge Grapplers and the Ready Lift AT4 front 1.75” level.
  11. No but I did PC both my AT4 tow hooks and polished tips black along with black emblems. Not a big fan of red.
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