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  1. Emblems

    No. I actually just ended up buying a set of black GMC hooks from a non AT4 cheaper then PCing these would be.
  2. Emblems

    I did. Wasn’t too hard
  3. re-gearing for 37's ??

    Going to need tuning to make a change to the gearing. I would think 3.73 for a. 8 or 10 speed on 37s though.
  4. Im getting the same mileage as my K2 5.3/A6 with a 6.2/A10.

    My 98 5.7 was a good truck My 2006 was better My 14 was the best so far Hoping my 19 continues the trend but time will tell
  6. It has just become part if my routine like turning DRL off was in my last truck
  7. 2019 license plate lights

    Well I did have to use both arms and hands not one but timeframe remained short. I suppose you may need help if you can’t get your hands on it.
  8. 2019 license plate lights

    Yes and I’m not even sure you can get an AT4 without one. Took 3 minutes as I said, about as long as it took on my K2 with a hitch. Installing the Magnacharger took a few hours more.
  9. The 12” screen is the main thing the Ram has going for it. They are adequate but lacking in powertrain on the 1/2 tons
  10. T1 Exhaust

    Yes but it is included in purchase price
  11. Emblems

    Ill prob leave the AT4 badges as is. Going to PC the tow hooks black though
  12. 2019 license plate lights

    Took about 3 min on an AT4. Not that hard
  13. Emblems

    Looks much better with black vs red I think. Also dropped the sierra badge from the tail gate. Looks cleaner and less cluttered.

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