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  1. Under the curve. I think peak gains would be more like 15-20 on a stock tune
  2. I dont generally post about things that are common knowledge, at least to me. I work on LT engines everyday and have since late 13’. This is not isolated, just how the pcv system works and what GM considers normal vs what most would like to see. As I said, do it or don’t but the experience is there on this end with extensive stock and heavily modified LT based engines on top of LS.
  3. Im seeing quite a bit more then a thimble in the catch can over 4-5000 miles. Id rather it in there then the IM but to each their own
  4. Very interested in a video once its installed. I have been thinking of getting this to replace my GM/Borla 6.2 exhaust but Haven’t been able to find any sound clips
  5. My truck has that an more but then again I ordered one with the options I wanted
  6. 3K is a realistic number to tune a T1 with bolt ons after the cost to get in and then adding what most tuners would charge. These are also not the same tuning strategy as a K2 L84/86 so it isnt that simple once you are in either....
  7. No you would want to set the Bilstein adjustment at the same height as the stock +2” Ranchos fore use with the SST kit
  8. Manufactured by Borla to GM specs but very similar to the Borla touring system
  9. I have the Retrax Pro MX and it does allow you to leave the handle
  10. You know if that was all the HP Tuners solution was good for I would agree it is a rip off. However, it is good for far more then just the limiter which is why it is priced as it is along with the unlocked ecm. It just so happens that is the only way to do what you want at this time so it isn’t financially viable solution to you for that purpose only. Dont hold your breath on a basic plug in $300 programmer for these or future vehicles. Those days are over.
  11. Mine shipped by rail from Ft Wayne to CA then by truck to the dealer
  12. Of course as long as you remember to do it
  13. Whats odd is I put in all my options from the order sheet and it told me the truck was lighter by 130 lbs then my door sticker says.
  14. DI only. You arent allowed to alter emissions components
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