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  1. Your 14 has a 6L80. 14’s came 3.08 std, 3.42 optional and 3.73 max tow. The 8/10 spd are 3.23 std and 3.42 max tow
  2. I have a double cab AT4 that has been on order since 8/23 and has a TPW of next week. So double cab production has started or will start soon but I think trim wise it is still limited to HC, LT, RST, Denali, AT4 and SLT at first
  3. T1 Exhaust

    I would expect by the end of the year. Corsa told me “after SEMA”.
  4. T1 Exhaust

    The dual tip T1s use a y pipe into a single in/out muffler and then it Y’s again at the axle to two pipes
  5. Remote start

    Anything SLE or above trim wise should have remote start
  6. I feel like most of the complaints are coming from people who wouldn’t buy even if they made the truck exactly how they wanted it because it would cost too much. There is no winning there.
  7. I could show you. I’m dealing with knowns not unknowns here
  8. You are free to disagree but the fact is the controller hardware and calibrations are different ( as the should be) because they are used behind different engines and in front of different axles. The collaborated on the design of the transmission itself ( shared cost of development). I have tuned countless 6L80/90, 8L80/90 and 10L90 transmissions so I am familiar with what is done in the factory calibration as well as what is done to improve them from there. The trucks usually leave more to be desired then the cars. So a calibration issue on a Ford 10R80 behind an ecoboost would not be related to a calibration issue with a 10L80 behind a 6.2 since there was no collaboration on calibration of the individual products from each company. FWIW you can even take two GM vehicles with the exact same drivetrain and each division will have its own calibration. For example. 2016 Yukon Denali 6.2/8spd 3.23 22” wheel 2016 Escalade 6.2/8spd 3.23 22” wheel Not the same even though everything that matters in the programming is exactly the same parts wise.
  9. The GM calibration and controller are completely different so that is not necessarily true. Most of these complaints are calibration issues rather then design flaws.
  10. 3.0l duramax Numbers leaked

    Less tq then then the 6.2 and way less hp then the 5.3 or 6.2...
  11. Pacific Blue looks good. Makes me feel good about ordering my AT4 in that color sight un seen!
  12. Trail boss Custom?

    That trim level isn’t available yet.
  13. One or two exclusive colors on either side but most are the same with a different name. Makes sense since they are all painted in the same plants.

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