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  1. I have been very happy with my Ridge Grapplers both on and off road
  2. With 20” wheels are Ridge Grapplers mine feels good at speed. Better then my 14 did with 20” summer radials...
  3. The forum nazis usually complain about asking a question in the wrong sub forum. This guy is complaining about answering the wrong question like an **** in the right sub forum lmao
  4. It makes sense. Ford puts the 10 speed in all trims besides the WT. GM will do the same and run the 6L80 in the bottom trim model. The 8L80 and 8L90 have quite a few flaws and the 10 speed is just much better
  5. It is easy to tell by the VIN. If you want an American built truck only buy trucks with a VIN starting in 1
  6. My 06 was built in MX and it was a good truck. My 14 was built in IN and was solid without issues My 19 was built in IN and so far so good at 6400 miles. I don’t know that it matters much as far as quality or likeliness of issues
  7. Shop with a newer Hunter Alignment rack had 19 specs on their computer last week when I aligned mine. They had a standard spec and a TB/AT4 spec.
  8. Wrong type of vehicle to use for Uber etc... fuel cost is too high to make money
  9. Because GM has two truck plants to fill demand.. Easy way to tell is the first number of the VIN. Actually 3 if you count the one building 19 Limiteds 1= US 3= MX
  10. Wheels for Pac Blue AT4

    This is what I did
  11. Added some Fuel Nitro in 20x9+1 and Ridge Grapplers in the stock 275/60/20 size. Stock AT4 suspension.
  12. 4wd is the snow/ice mode
  13. Im going to do a Motofab 1”. Will still have a slight rake but should upset things much
  14. Not really. I dont need ACC and my 6.2 already has a 10 speed
  15. Added some new wheels to the AT4. Fuel Nitro 20x9 +1

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