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  1. Power programmer

    They aren’t .....yet
  2. If they announce 19 ZR1 support that would be more closely related.
  3. 19 Z06 uses an E92A which is the same basic setup as 17+ Z06. Nothing related to the 19 Trucks
  4. Thanks. I dont need it to be waterproof. Even my Leer 550 wasnt though it kept things pretty dry.
  5. Does anyone have experience with this tonneau cover? I had a Leer 550 on my K2 which I liked but thinking of going with this style on my AT4.
  6. Stock size 275/60/20. They run wider then the factory tires so I didn’t want any clearance issues on the stock wheels.
  7. Its a little tight. Id suggest a cordless 1/4” ratchet
  8. Swapped out the stock Bridgestones for Ridge Grapplers and replaced the red logo center caps with black logo at the same time.
  9. Gm performance exhaust

    I like it on my 6.2. Did not want it too loud but not silent either. A smaller muffler without a way to turn off DFM would be annoying
  10. Gm performance exhaust

    Its not hard. Just need some ratchets and a sawzall
  11. I believe tuning will become available through HP Tuners eventually but it will also be expensive compared to what people are used to ( even on the 17+ models) and probably wont happen until the 2020 models are shipping.

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