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  1. Downloaded yesterday. So far so good but I was not having issues previously
  2. Anyone have a Retrax MX? Im getting tired of waiting on Leer.
  3. How it always goes. 14 launch 16 refresh 19 launch 21 refresh....
  4. That is an interesting thought. I would have to disagree since the 19 ZR1 and 19 DFM trucks do not use Global B architecture and the 20 C8 and some new Cadillacs are debuting that which is a major change in hardware and electrical systems. They will eventually get there but it will take time and be expensive. The C8 will not be “unlocked” within weeks of launch but I do like your optimism.
  5. The 18” wheel recommends 41 but the 20” wheel recommends 35 psi on the AT4/TB
  6. Im going to say they will not have these shipping in 6 weeks. Even then there is very little adjustability for anything besides a CAI and exhaust. No transmission tuning can be done on the 8 or 10 speed with out an unlocked TCM.
  7. There is an ATAK system which is basically the S type but without the second smaller muffler and with the Polyphonic Harmonizer pipe instead.
  8. Fuel Nitro 20x9 + 1 Nitto RG 275/60/20 Stock AT4 Suspension
  9. It will not be as expensive as the ZR1 but likely similar to the L5P trucks. If you want to add boost it will be worth it but more expensive then the 14-18 trucks. For the casual bolt on guy it will be too much for most. I work with tuning vehicles everyday and the guys with 17-18 are still shocked at pricing with unlocked modules. Similar to the Mopar guys.
  10. No one is going to get into the DFM engines with a handheld. It just isn’t cost effective. HP Tuners will have a solution but it will not be cheap and that will rule it out for most people who are not doing internal engine mods or superchargers. Other devices are available for simple speedo calibration.
  11. Any 3.5” straight through muffler will work but you will need to cut and weld pipe to connect it since the GM/Borla Muffler is longer then most aftermarket mufflers
  12. I have been happy with their products in the past. I prefer a fiberglass paint matched tonneau to the roll up style.
  13. Im waiting on Leer. I liked the 550 I had on my 14 Sierra
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