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  1. yes, it does NOT connect to the tip. ill take a pic later if i remember @Yotaak ill be checking back to see what you come up with. my exhaust plans pushed back, trying to figure out wheel/tires first lol got some coil goodies sitting collecting dust that i wanna put on soon
  2. 80 ceramic xpel on my windshield, legal where i live. no waivers or warnings from my local tint shop. no issues with anything, electronics or driving. cant really tell its there tbh, but it does cut heat, ive done this on all my vehicles. ive had 35 on the front in the past, that was perfect to me, but not legal here so i opted not to this time around just to avoid hassles with law enforcement and inspections. hope that info helps good luck
  3. any luck with the search? all ive found are the flowmaster tips 3" inlet dual 4" outet and stainlessworks makes custom tips but $$$ for tips IMO. i was thinking just cut the pipe before the oval part and weld a new piece in with the tips.. idk. i havent gotten around to doing anything about it either, was hoping you beat me to it LOL
  4. ive gone through everything on tirerack. it seems to filter out a lot of the more aggressive fitment options, maybe im just not using it right? it only gives me 9 wides or so, and a handful of 10s/12s. unless thats the sad reality that all the other wheels dont fit ? i dont mind trimming some. ill check out wheelpros now, thanks for this
  5. thanks for your input! ill keep searching. ive read countless threads on forums, browsed customoffsets gallery for days, even trolling instagram haha. still havent come to a conclusion for myself. i guess im looking for something different, most of the wheels ive picked i cant find pictures/info for the new bodys anywhere. waiting to hear back from the mfgs although some of them reply with things like: "i dont see why not" lol, kinda not good enough of an answer to pull the trigger on an expensive set of wheels with a maybe on fitment, so i end up scrolling on. i appreciate your help though an
  6. anybody got a pic of silver ice metallic on bronze or gunmetal wheels? post up pls
  7. @Yotaak you ever get around to finishing your tips?
  8. just wondering how everyone’s pulling the trigger on wheels with all the caliper clearance issues. I don’t want to run any sort of spacer period; and width, offset & backspacing don’t seem to matter as much as the wheels design as far as clearing the caliper am I correct? sooo are y’all just buying wheels and hoping they fit and if not then buying a spacer after? or buying a 1/4” just in case? although aren’t there some wheels that need more than 1/4” spacer to clear?
  9. muffler pipe size def 2.75” but the tip section after the Y pipe looks smaller? 2.5”? can anyone confirm? the end that goes into the exhaust valance is ovaled also
  10. https://www.wetokole.com/HOME.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpsT35cKg6QIV4D6tBh3DIgHwEAAYASAAEgLzPvD_BwE theyre local to me so I went into the shop. free installs also. but that’s their website ??
  11. 6 3/4” antennaMastsRus on amazon 25$ no signal change whatsoever
  12. bed stake pocket covers, wet okole neoprene seat covers, short antenna & led license plate & reverse lights. just the basics so far
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