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  1. Very frustrating for them to hold off after a May announcement with pictures or them, you can see the 6.2 emblem on the hood in the pictures. A year and half waiting for them to follow through (Still no Duramax) and now turning into over 2 years waiting. Wish that I liked the look of the AT4 better, but I do not like the look or the brown on the interior.
  2. I have been visiting with my local dealership and the chat through Chevy website and they both say that there will be no 2020 Trail Boss with the 6.2 option for the engine. It is still listed on the website and the chat states they are working to correct the mistake. Has anybody else seen or heard this? I have waited a year for the 3.0 Duramax and decided to change over after the May announcement of the 6.2 in the Trail Boss and now neither one is available, any info would be appreciated.
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