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  1. I had similar warning lights and had to replace ignition coil.
  2. I agree to check with GM dealer, My 2019 Trail Boss came with the rubber insert.
  3. Looks great, I have the Katzkin perforated graphite with red stich ordered for my satin steel custom trail boss. I was scared to try other color options without being able to see any seats in person and only swatches.
  4. update, got 30 ceramic on front doors and 50 on windshield with no issues so far.
  5. I put the Husky wheel liners on my 2019 custom trail boss with no issues and would recommend. All of the holes matched up, and I didn't do any drilling.
  6. I have the Texas Saddlebag console mentioned earlier in thread and would recommend. Good fit, I did trim underneath some for exact fit, which was very easy.
  7. Getting my windshield and front windows done today mainly for heat. No mention of a any type of waiver.
  8. Some in my area, mostly farmers have had trouble with their fuel pumps. The cause is supposed to coming form dirt and dust entering due to no fuel cap.
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