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  1. Attached is a scanned doc of the limits and info on the transparent setup my sales lady sent me. Scanned Documents.pdf
  2. Thanks, I did see the previous post with picture. This note under U1D is confusing then: ”2 - Includes trailer tire pressure monitoring alert ONLY when (PTT) trailer tire pressure monitor system is factory ordered” I was curious to hear from someone that didn’t have the PTT on their factory build order sheet and if they were receiving alerts. It appears the sensor setup is there with U1D but is there something missing if you don’t order PTT? Hope I am making sense. I understand you need U1D and the sensors but the notes make it seem that you have to order both from factory to get the alerts.
  3. With an Ultimate Denali package, is the PTT option needed to get alerts for trailer tire pressure low? I’ve seen a lot of posts that trucks are coming with the tire pressure sensors without the PTT option. There are notes in U1D and PTT options stating you have to have PTT to have the system monitor and alert for low pressure. Just wondering. Thanks.
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