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  1. I've recently replaced the selector switch again, checked grounds, plugs. Today I replaced the encoder motor, and I still have no lights. I've ran out of ideas. Any help is appreciated
  2. I've got a 1999 Sierra automatic, I have no lights on my 4x4 selector switches, here's the weird part, when it snows, my selector lights all flash, and when I'm driving the truck acts like it wants to stall and almost like the lights dim. this only happens when I'm in drive. they flash when in park also, and one time after flashing for a few minutes the selector switch actually worked and I was able to shift into 4lo/4auto, and back into 2hi. its only worked that only time though. I've already replaced my switch, checked the ground under the truck by the driver side, and checked fuses. before I buy any other parts, I'm wondering if you can help me out figuring this out. all help is appreciated. thank you all.
  3. This right there is what i mean. First of all I call bullshit on being low 4 qts of oil, never getting any kind of low oil pressure warning or anything. No check engine light prior, no low oil pressure, anything? Then all of the sudden stabilitrak messages pops up>grenades >check engine light
  4. 2017 sierra denali, oil changed regularly, checked regularly. stock 6.2, has never burnt oil, no leaks whatsover. No catch can. Truck ran perfectly fine up until this. 8qts 0w20 edit didnt actually blow any holes. tech claims he dranined bunch of metal shavings. his words "blew the engine because of low oil" my first post, yeah, so what? I like to read and use the search button. give me a break
  5. Blew the 6.2 in my sierra, dealer claims i ran it low on oil. They claim they drained only 4 qts of oil and shavings, yet the low oil light never came on, check engine light never came on until after a bunch of smoke came out the exhaust. They denied warranty work and are wanting $10k to replace the engine. Has anybody ever been in a similar situation? Does the ecu log check engine lights/low oil pressure warnings? Can i fight it based on the fact that no light ever came on? Thanks for the help.
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