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  1. I recently got this truck on a deal. It has a tired rodknocking 4.3 in it. It also has the nv3500 5 speed. I want to put a vortec 5.7 from a 96 c1500 that i already have. This truck would have come with a 5.3. Does anyone know if i need swap up motor mounts or can I use 3/4 motor mounts from 99 that still came with the 5.7. I have the vortec motor running on carb and an H.E.I. Also curious if the nv3500 bellhousing will bolt up right to the 5.7. I have heard that I can use a 90's model 305 flywheel, 153 tooth, and the clutch kit for the 4.3. Has anyone done this swap? Appreciate any info.
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