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  1. 2015 Z71 LTZ Just finished adding a 3.5" lift with 34" Trail Grapplers.
  2. Side by side with a little photo touch up to make everything show up a little better ...
  3. Update: Here she is... 275/65/20 Nitto Trail Grapplers Surprisingly, they aren't as loud as I thought they would be. They ride a little stiffer but nothing to complain about. The only rubbing was a small section of felt on rear inside driver side at full lock. Fixed with about 1" of felt trimming with a pair of snips and added a zip tie to get some additional clearance. Now there is no rub anywhere at full lock in any direction. Stance is flush with truck body. Has about .5" of rake which isn't noticeable unless you pull a tape measure. Height before: Front: 36.75" - Rear: 38.5" Height after: Front: 41.25" - Rear: 41.75" Difference: Front: +4.5" - Rear: +3.25" Also has AFM delete, firm shift points, and 87 octane tune. Gears are 3.42 but with the tune feels very responsive on takeoff and shifting. The acceleration lag from a dead stop is gone and throttle response is improved when cruising. Next step is to look into nerf bars so my kids have a little easier time getting in. Thanks for all the help!
  4. ha yea lucked into that one ... when he said that about the price I was like “yea these are good”
  5. thanks for all the feedback.... I decided on the 285/65/20 Wildpeaks but the tire shop accidentally ordered the originals I called about which were 275/65/20 trail grapplers (34.3x11). They priced matched the trail grapplers since they screwed up making them $284/ea mounted/balanced which is a steal ... so I decided to keep them. They’re going to perform better off-road and have a much better look but be louder ...which i’m good with. Getting them put on Thursday .... pics and measurements to follow.
  6. I’ve run KO2’s on my 02’ and ‘98 and really liked them ... I honestly got tired of the look because of how long i’ve used them and everyone runs them. I’ll definitely consider moving to 18’s after these tires.
  7. 285/55 and i’m aware of the concerns of a larger tire... I have a tuner to correct issues for larger sizes, AFM delete, speedo, etc but i get what you’re saying ... running a 285/55 is too small IMO and only slightly larger than the factory tires
  8. Thoughts on size to run? I feel like the wildpeaks are going to be the best daily driver of all the tires I'm looking at.
  9. Factory tires have finally bit the dust and I'm on the fence for the next tire. I have gone back and forth for a week now and can't seem to find a good answer on the forums or get a solid answer from people I talk to. I'll still be running the stock wheels at least for the life of these next tires. 2015 1500 LTZ 3.5" RC knuckle kit Stock chrome 20x9 (I think the OS is 27mm) Daily driver on North Atlanta highways Tire sizes I'm considering. I want to run the largest tire I can with none or minimal rubbing/trimming. 295/60/20 - 33.9x11.6 275/65/20 - 34.1x10.8 285/65/20 - 34.6x11.2 - This is the size I'm most leaning towards 295/65/20 - 35.1x11.6 Tires I'm considering: Nitto Ridge Grapplers Nitto Trail Grapplers Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx Falken Wildpeak A/T3 Mastercraft Courser MXT Any thoughts or opinions would help a ton!
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