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  1. I agree, and especially for the so-called 'premium' colors... I'd rather vinyl wrap if possible to avoid rock chips... but if I get them painted, I'll definitely ppf them...
  2. so I'm looking at a pacific blue Denali Ultimate right now, and noticed that there's no option for factory painted fender moldings for pacific blue trucks. my question is has anyone with a pacific blue truck gotten theirs custom matched or does anyone know of a vinyl wrap color that matches Pacific Blue
  3. Nope I'm not buying it, I found another one that's cheaper, same exact specs, not a lemon, and no reported recall issues for a leaky window, albeit has a few more miles...
  4. Is there any way to know which run of trucks were affected by the window leak epidemic, or is it a random scattering of trucks throughout production? My brother has a 19 LTZ 6.2L with the window leak TSB done on it and he hasn't had any further issues since it was done. From what I've learned so far about this lemon truck, is that it went in twice for the window leak, the second time they removed the rear window completely and broke the rear spoiler in the process, which is what it spent 24 days in the shop waiting on... a new rear spoiler...
  5. I get what your saying, but the reason it spent a month in the shop isnt because it was FUBAR. It's because of a union strike. If it spent a month in the shop because they just could not figure out how to fix it or it was unfixable, then I would never consider it. But it spent a month in the shop because they couldn't get the damn part needed to fix it.
  6. Part of those problems were caused by the strike though. People with all sorts of GM vehicles have had problems with extended stays in the shop due to parts not being available due to the UAW strike. This truck was one of those vehicles. If my truck spent a month in the shop the first year I had it, I'd want the thing gone too.
  7. With the water leak issue, I can see a bunch of the extra silicone goob, is this something I can get re fixed in a more aesthetically pleasing way, or does GM seem the case closed once it's been 'fixed'
  8. I was told it has 21 service records and a bunch of modules had been reset, also it spent 24 consecutive days in the shop waiting on parts to fix the rear window leak/spoiler. Also, can you define a problem customer for me?
  9. Heres the VIN again: 1GTU9FEL2KZ104159 Please PM me any info you can, or email me the service records if possible. Thank you
  10. Theres no way in hell I'd pay anywhere near what they're asking for it. Billion has it listed at $4I over what carfax values it at. I'm going to look at all of the service records and go from there
  11. I'm not sure if you can or not. My step father works very closely with GM, so I'm going to know everything about this truck before I decide to go to the table over it, probably even how much the dealership paid at auction for it. If it's nothing seriously wrong, I may make an offer on it. In California you have 2 shots to repair at dealership, then the manufacturer has a chance to repair, then it can be lemoned. I'm betting it's the botched brakes system recalls that got it lemoned out, if so, I'll probably make an offer on it since they seem to have finally fixed that problem.
  12. my brother had the rear window TSB done on his 2019 LTZ, and they did the same thing... removed it and goobed it up with extra silicone. same thing they do with the leaky TBL on the previous generation, and the 2G canyon/colorado.
  13. Billion is notorious for overpriced vehicles. I have zero intention of paying anything close to $48k...
  14. I was thinking of trying to get it for $45k out the door with an extended B2B warranty... my guess is they only paid in the 30s for it at auction
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