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  1. I was going to start same thread. 19 AT4 and my heated seats will not turn on during remote start. Heated steering wheel turns on, but the seats are still cold. All settings are setup correctly, tried a factory reset and I’m running latest software. No issue during hot summer remote start and seats vented fine. Morning temps around 2 degrees.
  2. The front passenger side dash, where the plastic window vent meets the soft rubber dash isn’t flush. Anyone have this? It doesnt stick up too much but it drives me nuts on a new truck.
  3. Thanks, I’ll try the fuse suggestion later. I did try playing with the fade, and when I fade all the way to the rear ALL Bass drops off and the rear speakers are very faint with no bass with no sound from the sub -both Bose and kicker.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Tbh I not 100% sure they weren’t this quiet before the install as you mentioned. That said I never sat in the back of my truck with music on until after the kicker install so I have no comparison. I guess I feel better knowing others experience this. Still don’t understand why they are so quiet either way??
  5. Hello! I have a 2019 AT4 with Bose system. Just had the dealer install the kicker sub upgrade, but now the sound from the rear speakers is extremely quite -almost non existent. The kicker subs certainly has some thump. The dealer insisted they installed correctly. Any thoughts? Tnx.
  6. Hi Jay thanks for the suggestions. Tonight my phone updated to IOS 13.1 and I am back in action! So strange, but thanks for the replies.
  7. Hi Jay, good idea. Yes, I’m able to log on via my PC and view vehicle diagnostics. Any other thoughts? Thx.
  8. As of 4 days ago MyGMC app cant connect to my truck. 2019 AT4, had been working perfectly for 2 months on iPhone 8 latest iOS . I’m currently waiting on star tech to trouble shoot. I’ve tried all the basics: logging in/out, uninstalling etc. Anyone else have this issue? Thx.
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