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  1. I want to replace the lock on my gun safe and need to remove the access panel on the back of the door. How do I get these black tabs off? I wedged a screwdriver under them to pry them up and they were STUCK on there. I didn't want to use too much force and break them off if that's not the proper way to do it. Any ideas?
  2. Hi all, first thanks for all the great info in this post. I want to make a quick note for future readers: I just upgraded my 2009 Silverado LS with the bluetooth vcim. It had the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel but not the audio/bluetooth controls. I upgraded the vcim and was just trying to use the OnStar phone button on the mirror to pair my phone. This did not work and I had to purchase the steering wheel bluetooth/audio controls. They are required. When reading this thread I noticed a couple people asked that question and no one had definite answer. So I thought I would post back and let future readers know that the steering wheel bluetooth/audio controls are required. Thanks!
  3. Chucky Schumer called the tracking "one of the most brazen invasions of privacy in recent memory." AL Franken and Chris Coons say that the company's actions "appear to violate basic principles of privacy and fairness." They also said “We believe that OnStar’s actions underscore the urgent need for prompt congressional action to enact privacy laws that protect private, sensitive information like location,” Never thought I wold agree with these three stooges!
  4. Thank you for visiting my profile on Christmas Eve.

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