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  1. The 2.7I4 utilizes “AFM”. The latest Range AFM delete is fully compatible. I like the fact mine is quiet. I bought this truck solely base on the overall price on how much it would cost me to drive, the only extras I have done are Ionic tube steps and a Gator cover. I have had both on all of my trucks in the past and they have served me well.
  2. 5200 miles. 25.9 mpg lifetime. Picked up 1 ton of wood pellets last week, drove home about 19 miles, performed flawlessly. I changed the oil at 3500 miles, the oil drain plugs is a 3/8” square fitting and only takes 1/4 turn and it drops out quickly. It has a large oil drain hole and it seems all 6 qts came out at once. Somewhat messy. I like to see Fumoto develop an oil drain valve for this particular oil pan. other wise no complaints, the 8 speed transmission paired with this engine is flawless. Never downshifts uphill. For example, I drive over the high rise bridge in Virginia Beach a few times a week, you can feel it calling for gas but the rpms hold steady. Low end torque is outstanding. My 2018 Tacoma would have shifted to 4th and rpms would skyrocket. All in all, I’m impressed with this truck, although leery of switching from Toyota to Chevy, Hopefully I’ll take care of it and it will at least see me to 200k. I’m thinking I should install a catch can, but I come from the era of “points, plugs, and condenser “ and have no clue where to start or if it will void my warranty.
  3. My hand calculations have matched my lifetime mpg on my display. 25.9 mpg over 4100 miles. I haven’t reset the trip computer and probably won’t. I took delivery with 175 miles on the clock, it had to be driven from a sister dealership. The lifetime mpg were then 17 mpg, that tell me they beat the snot out of it. I made my concerns known and got a few extras thrown in.
  4. I bought a 2019 RST 2.7 in July. Sticker was 44.5k marked down to 30.3k. No catches. I was given what i wanted for my 2 trades. A 2018 Tacoma and a 2014 Honda Shadow Aero. Yes they took my bike too. I think GM is hurting on sales of the 2.7. For me, it was a no brainer. I needed, wanted, more room than my Tacoma and could not justify paying way more for a Tundra with a 13 yo design. The Tacoma’s drivetrain was hideous, Toyota really dropped the ball on the 3rd generation. Another reason for trading up. Currently I have 4100 miles on my truck. Lifetime MPG is 25.9. Yes I drive like an old man. The engine and 8 speed are smooth as silk. I cannot tell when it is is AFM mode. Not sure if I should get an AFM disable device, been thinking about it. Been thinking about a catch can also. this truck suits my needs perfectly, gets my boat in and out of the water, i get a few loads of mulch and stone a couple times a year, and my wife and I have plenty of room for our road trips with the 2 dogs in the back. The back seats lift up to expose the whole floor(no storage compartments) and allows the dogs plenty of room. The ride is stiff but smooth. I’m hoping, with proper care, it will last as long as a toyota. The only quirk is that you need to get to 57 mph to get to 8th gear, you can the set the cruise and drop down 1 mph at a time down to 40 mph and it will hold 8th.
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