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  1. I didn’t go threw WAMS only because mike for eBay “dunk” was local and got the unit the next day that I ordered it! My truck is a 2014 I have a pic of the radio Module but I forgot to take a pic of the hmi before I put it in
  2. So I just updated my units and everything seems to work great but I can’t connect to the App Store? I am connected to my WiFi at home and I tried it at work on there WiFi but still says it’s unavailable I’m having a hard time signing into myChevrolet on the cars screen as well? I can sign into the app on my phone but I can’t seem to sign in on the truck and see any apps available?
  3. Your right, I have been looking into this and found a nice kenwwod DVD player For around 700 and I’m not worried about Navi or onstar I don’t use, I use apple car play a lot and there Navi is way better and I’ve been looking on crutchfield they sell all the adapters for 300 and that’s to keep all the stock settings for the steering wheel, so yes about a 1000 for a new deck, when trying to upgrade a stock deck for 650 and it’s still stock, so I guess I’m a little confused on the factory car settings you get with the stock deck like auto start setting and auto lock and so on basically the truck settings. You don’t get those setting threw the steering wheel controls
  4. Like the title says I want to buy a matching grill and headlight bezel for my 2014 ltz the color is silver aka switchblade sliver if anyone has one laying around I would love to take it off your hands
  5. so I have a 2014 ltz with all the bells but I wanted to add apple car play, I know you can update the units from a newer Silverado, thing is I would have to spend around 600 just to update the factory radio aka finding both boxes getting them programed to the vin, new chargers. but I figure if I was gonna spend that much money why not throw a couple hundred more for a aftermarket radio and have better sound, I've always had aftermarket stereos in my cars and trucks and it always made better sound on the stock speakers and more options to customize, so I thing im concerted about is losing the factory options putting on heat or ac the seats when auto started or lighting or folding mirrors and so on, all the vehicle settings, I know they sell kits to plug in so you can still get the factory settings threw the steering wheel but I don't have those in the vehicle setting threw the small screen. so I guess im asking the people who have made the swap to a aftermarket stereo and what are the features you lose?
  6. Thanks for the info, I’ll have to look around to see where it plugged into before I start pulling the wire
  7. So I’m new to the site still figuring everything out but I got a 2014 Silverado ltz and I just got the windows tinted when I got home I was looking the windows over and in the back seat on the roof I found a wire hanging out of the headliner and was wondering what it goes too? Thanks for the help!!
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