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  1. did you take them out and how does it sound . im wanting to try that
  2. 2019 6.2 has two flappers no screens so im still wondering ? my 21 Tahoe has only 1 no screens id love to get my 6.2 to sound like that.
  3. i have put on a flowmaster 44 its way to loud and you hear the drone, it sounds sick when afm kicks in. so im thinking of cutting off both flappers and putting back stock muffler , anyone tried that on here.
  4. Well Guys the Dealer order a new one and put it on after I sent them all the pictures from here. It to was leaking at the front and they sent it back to chevy parts, Asked if I would be ok with different brand so they sent it out to a truck shop and had them put on the Undercover Flex Brand. So will see he told me they took the water hose and car was test and no leaks . I just got my Truck back yesterday afternoon ill take it to my car wash and see next week . The Salesman I bought from sent someone to pick up my truck and gave me one to drive till they fixed it . plus filled it back up with gas ...
  5. well the Dealer came got my truck so will see if they can get it stopped . I did share the info on here with them on here will see .
  6. Thanks Man ill be doing that soon plus I just noticed they didn't put the rubber stuff on backside to keep from rubbing the back window area . looks like trip to the dealer …..
  7. did dealer install yours because I went to car wash today im leaking to
  8. hi I bought my high country had dealer put on same cover , does yours have small gap between the tail gate and cover . mine does I have the tailgate that opens and closes by key fob or button .
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