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  1. Hello guys, this has probably come up a million times but my 2005 silverado 1500 with the 5.3L has a p0446 EVAP code. Its for a vent control circuit malfunction. I have done a ton of research and have replaced a few parts so far including the vent valve, fuel cap, and fuel tank pressure sensor. WHAT else can it be!! The only symptoms I notice that could be a clue is every now and then when I begin fuelling, the pump stops like 4 or 5 times and then pumps steady to fill up. Could this be a sign of a bad canister? I'm not sure if anyone has any idea let me know, I got to pass emissions in February. Thanks!
  2. Ok it is the TC with the auto 4wd button, so autotrack 11 fluid correct??
  3. Hey guys im looking to do a transfer case fluid change on my 2005 chevy silverado 1500 (it is an automatic transfer case). I'm wondering what the correct fluid to use is?? Thanks
  4. New to the forum here, and I have a 2005 chevy silverado 1500 with the 5.3L. I drive to and from michigan from chicago for college every couple of weeks. The last time I drove up to michigan 2 hours into my drive the oil pressure gauge started slowly moving down from 40psi. Every 10 minutes it seemed it moved down a notch until it got to 15psi and then I pulled over just to investigate because the truck was running perfectly normal and no warning lights or anything were on. I did a walk around, no leaks, no engine noise and the oil level was in the same place as when I left. Also when I stopped the pressure gauge dropped to 0 at idle and the truck idled normal. I continued to drive till i got to my destinations 30 minutes later. The next day when I started it back up the oil pressure is now reading normal and has read normal for the last week. I went to tech school and I know my way around an engine and i'm almost positive this isn't a mechanical issue, im thinking its the oil pressure sensor or sending unit or it could be the gauge itself because first gen silverados are famous for bad gauges but i feel if it was a bad sensor there would be warning lights? Not sure though, any of you guys experience an issue like this or have any idea of what to check or what it could be?? Much appreciated!!
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