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  1. I ended up taking my fender flares, tailgate handle and door handles to a paint and body shop to get them paint matched. First try was way off and we found out that for the 2017's there are actually 5 different variances on the white frost tricoat. So we went to a specialty paint shop in the area that had all 5 variances on cards and chose the best one then bought the paint from them. Second go round is probably about a 95% match and most people would never be able to tell but it still isnt an exact match. I dont know if its possible to get the exact match but I am happy with the outcome on mine. Good luck with yours!
  2. Good luck man, definitely let me know how it goes please!
  3. Keep us updated, I am also in the same boat for my 17 Denali and looking for a solution. Cheers
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