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  1. Tried posting this this past weekend. This past weekend I finally removed the air dam and de-badged the "Custom" from the tailgate. What a difference both make in the looks. Wish I had done it sooner.
  2. That's a nice looking painted garage floor. Did you do it yourself? What product did you use? I like a nice looking garage.
  3. Looks Great! Love the White custom! That's one of the reason I chose the custom. Anybody else reminded of the storm troopers from Star Wars when looking at the white custom?
  4. Here are all the "mods" I have done so far (some may not be considered "mods"): 1. replaced antenna with a short antenna purchased from AutoZone (no reduced reception noticed) 2. Line-X spray-in bedliner 3. rear seat armrest/drink holder installed (TSI 30011 Bench Seat Clutter Catcher - purchased off Amazon) 4. Gator rollup soft tonneau cover 5. towing receiver package installed 6. got and using the TopGo cellphone holder (love it and holds phone secure at the perfect height) 7. GM Factory floorliners for front and back (courtesy of my GM Rewards points - love them) Looking at potentially adding: 1. BDTrims rear "Chevrolet" inserts, and 2. Full rear window decal of US Flag to show my support and patriotism for this great country Last week I had the first oil change/tire rotation/service done. Also had 3 recalls done. Then yesterday I got another recall notice in the mail about the brake system. Frustrating, but glad this is on GM and not me. I'm loving my truck. I'd love to be able to clean it up, but it won't stop raining long enough down here in the South to give me time to do it.
  5. I just installed the Gator roll-up. If I need the bed, it rolls up all the way leaving me the entire bed. With the tailgate locked, it secures what I need secured well-enough to where if anyone wanted to steal something they would have to cut through the cover. And if someone is willing to do that, they will steal what you have regardless (my theory anyway). It was cheap, simple enough to install, and does the job.
  6. Thank you for posting that comment. I was beginning to wonder what an auto shut off was. Now I know I don't have to worry about it.
  7. I have the solid rear window. In the portions of this thread that I have read, this all seems to be pertinent to the rear sliding windows. Am I correct? Or do owners with the solid rear window also have this problem?
  8. My coolest feature discovery is that this truck is easier to drive than the smaller trucks I have owned in the past (GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier). This is my first full size truck, and it seems more stable on the road and easier to handle. Parking and braking distance are a different story, but that was expected with a bigger truck.
  9. Not exactly sure what the point is you are making when you ask "what is the point of this thread?" Did this offend you in some way? This forum is for people to learn and share. The OP should not be attacked for asking the question. I'm glad he did. Lets me know there are others experiencing the same thing.
  10. That's one cool gravity-defying truck. You must live down-under. BTW, love the truck!
  11. Love the snow pics everyone. Down here in the deep South we don't see much of the white stuff, so post some snow porn with your trucks for us folks in the South!
  12. I was wondering what everyone used in detailing their trucks/other automobiles. Here is what I currently use: 1. for washing, I use the ZipWax car wash; 2. for waxing, I use the NuFinish (which I switched to years ago when I could no longer find the Rain Dance car wax); 3. for cleaning interior dash/door trim/other hard surfaces, I use the GM cleaner and GM conditioner (which I find does a better job than anything I've tried); and 4. for windows I use any "invisible" glass cleaner/polish that they have at Wal-Mart. When washing my vehicle I always wash from top down, with the black trim, steps and tires/rims always being last. The problem I have with all car waxes I have tried in the past (including the NuFinish I use) is that if you get it on black trim it is difficult to get off. I've seen the Detail Geek on YouTube tout the 303 Aerospace conditioner/UV protectant but haven't tried that yet. I've never clay barred any vehicle because at least twice per year I re-wax all my vehicles. Post what you use. I would love to know what different products you use and your experience with them.
  13. I went with the 4.3 V6 engine. I came from the GMC Canyon 4 cylinder - with the 8 speed transmission. Experienced to little and the dreaded transmission shutter that didn't get any better with the fluid replacement. So I opted for the V6 because it would be plenty of power for my use and I wanted to stay away from the 8 speed transmissions. I'm loving my truck!
  14. I did the same. I would rather have the full protection of my carpet. Also, I had an old tool box laying around empty that I secured under the driver's side back seat to give me some "closed" storage. It works great - plus, it was the tool box my late father gave me so I have the satisfaction of knowing I have something from him in the truck with me.
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