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  1. Yes that check valve will work. Just make sure the arrow is pointing towards your intake source. Is that 20 min of highway speeds or stop and go. If stop and go your engine is not really warming up enough to burn off all the moisture. But your catch can is doings its job
  2. A lot of variables come into play. 1) are you in a damp (humid) environment 2) are you making a lot of short trips where your engine cannot get hot and burn off moisture are going to be a big play on how much water and oil you get. If it is mostly water than the climate and drive time are probably the reason for high water content unless your engine is not healthy. Btw 3oz container is not big enough in my opinion. You want to have a check valve on this if you have a supercharger. That way you reduce the chance of possibly pressurizing the crankcase from the supercharger thru the catchcan. Even though the pcv should stop that they can fail by sticking open so the extra check valve allows you to sleep at night. These are just my suggestion and opinions and only that.
  3. Look for another post on that subject or open a new one. If no one responds no one is interested.
  4. That is why i use the pressure hose wide spay from about 3 feet (sometimes closer) instead of a garden hose. Garden hoses can send out floods of water where the pressure sprays less water. I do not get close enough to take the paint off and because the engine usually only has dust with a little oil it does not take much to clean it up. Sounds like you either had a faulty connector or you got a gasket that not sealing well. You definitely need to know your engine before you do this.
  5. One thing i want to point out is this is a discussion board for GM engines and not outboard, lawn tractors etc. big difference on how they are designed.
  6. Kewl. I like that. I usually wash mine every time just before i change my oil. I know a little excessive but my mechanic thanks me. His hands don’t get very dirty
  7. And if you had issues with them than it sounds like poor maintenance or none at all. Just a thought for a penny.
  8. At least you r doing maintenance and washing it some how. If you keep it clean and have no leaks then there is no need for grease cutter now is there. Btw those crease cutters can dry out seals and bearings. At least you are washing
  9. Things like sea-foam,gum out and other products like this are for those who don’t do proper regular maintenance. I mean those who wait for it to break or will run their oil till it gets low before they change it. With the exception for the gas stabilizer if your vehicle is going to sit for a period of time than that is cool to use. Use good quality gas, do regular oil changes including a quality brand. Fix things as soon as possible if you notice any leak or new sounds ASAP. I am old school and don’t just use any oil that is on sale. I stick with the same brand and weight once i get a vehicle. If you buy a used car try to find out what the previous owner used if you can. It might not hurt if you buy a used car and can see it was not maintained properly to use something like sea-foam if it makes you happy. Some of these issues others have mentioned as problems has never been an issue because of the maintenance regime that I done. There are those who do preventive maintenance and those that do reactive car care. Choose your poison. Another tip is it doesn’t hurt to pressure wash your engine if there are no leaks on the top end fluid or vacuum. It helps in a couple ways, engine will run cooler ( dirt and grime hold the heat in) you will see any new leaks quicker plus your mechanic will thank you. I know i am going to get slammed for my post because there are some who think i am lecturing. That is fine if it helps someone going forward.
  10. And I agree. Each person will spend their MONEY on what they want. As stated I chose mine based on appearance and a couple features I was looking for. Have a nice day!
  11. i liked and got the one from k-motor performance on amazon. I like it because it is square, has sight glass and drain port. It does come with a bracket and expandable rubber plugs to mount on sheet metal. I made a bracket and mounted mine on the backside of the supercharger reservoir tank bracket. Quality on machining is top notch and well put together. I unfortunately got a returned unit so some parts were missing , like the rubber plugs and bolts for mounting. Contacted the seller and they shipped out some ASAP. I also put hex stainless bolts around the whole thing for aesthetics. Working on the install now. You have to buy your own fittings and hoses. Btw the holes in the can takes 10an-orb.
  12. What I find interesting (unless i missed it somewhere) Is no one mentioned using a methanol setup to keep the valves clean. I prefer straight meth but if a water-methanol setup suites you go for it. The meth flowing across the intake vales will keep them clean, plus you get the added advantage of some possible additional power. i have a 6.2l Sierra that has a supercharger with methanol setup. There are times i shut down the meth and run just the supercharger so i am putting in a catch can to help reduce the amount of oil going back in the engine to a minimum until i get the meth turned back on. This is safer to do than running seafoam thru your engine (which I would never do) and I don’t have to pull the manifold off to clean the valves with a wire brush. BTW the wire brush method is what I would do before I would use seafoam.
  13. Just put the catch can in between the hose that comes out from the pcv and goes to the supercharger. Make sure you put a check valve on the supercharger side with the arrow flowing towards the supercharger. Without the check valve you could do damage at some point
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