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  1. I have a 6.2 with 10 speed, it’s one of the best shifting eng/Tran combination. Especial nice while towing my 10k fifth wheel
  2. If your concern about fuel mileage towing, you should not buy 3/4 or 1 T truck... 2019 the Silverado and Sierra come with a 6.2l 1500 spécial towing package. this provides a smother ride than the heavier trucks with only 35lbs air in tires and all the fuel saving features of reduced cylinder usage and 10 speeds tranny. check out the truck that fits your application will pay off on the long run, the 3/4 T diesel doesn’t get the best mileage on everyday usage.
  3. I have a Silverado 1500 2019 high country, 6.2L heavy trailering package. i have noticed that my front shafts are actually turning in 2WD mode, when I switch to 4wd the transfer case engages. is this a new set up my previous 1500 Silverado used to disconnect my shafts from the front hubs let me know, thanks
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