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  1. Thanks I didn’t think of that. I’ll give that a try and I’ll let you know I make out well I unpaired the phone three different times followed the procedures step by step Nope that didn’t work. I still have text messages from 3 months ago so I’m still looking for ideas Thanks
  2. Is it possible to delete text messages from the screen? I have messages that are a months old. I deleted the messages months ago from my phone
  3. The park assist displayed needs service then it shuts off on its own. 5000 miles on the truck (really) i cleaned the sensors just to check and found nothing on them. Started the truck and park assist worked fine for 2 day then it acted up again. With the same problem. But now this time I can’t turn it on and there’s a soft glow on the switch. No matter what I do nothing works just a glow. Looking for some help with this one thanks
  4. I tried starting the truck is morning and everything is fine. Through out the day everything is working great! Started it one time and the radio came on at a really low volume for a second. Then stopped after that evening works as it should. I guess I can live with that till I get to the dealer thanks
  5. Thanks Geddylee 2112 I found it in the infotainment system manual but my manual only has 82 pages. I did find the settings you were talking about and I turned down the start volume to 0. Lets see what happens tomorrow
  6. My new 2019 Silverado has a issue with the radio volume. In the past couple of days, the volume goes to full plast when I start the truck. I can’t do anything with it screen freezes the only thing I can do is to shut off the radio with the knob. I always turn the volume down when ever I exit the truck Help me my ears can’t take it anymore!!
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