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  1. I have the same rattle in the left rear headrest. I took it back and the technician heard the noise by driving around the block He said yep there must be something loose behind the seat. The rear set has to come out .....WHAT? You know when something like that gets taken apart never gets back in the same way. So I told him don’t remove the seat. I came and switched the headrest around and the rattle is gone!! thanks to everyone on this forum!!!
  2. Yep same problem with transmission. Going from reverse to drive What a bang. I found you have to move shift lever slowly it works fine. Once in awhile I do feel the trany searching for a gear around corners. But my vents didn’t move!!
  3. When I exit my 2019 LTZ truck shut the door with the engine running the horn beeps. What is it trying to tell me? That the truck is running? Anyhow can I disable that feature? It’s quite annoying thanks
  4. Thanks I didn’t think of that. I’ll give that a try and I’ll let you know I make out well I unpaired the phone three different times followed the procedures step by step Nope that didn’t work. I still have text messages from 3 months ago so I’m still looking for ideas Thanks
  5. Is it possible to delete text messages from the screen? I have messages that are a months old. I deleted the messages months ago from my phone
  6. The park assist displayed needs service then it shuts off on its own. 5000 miles on the truck (really) i cleaned the sensors just to check and found nothing on them. Started the truck and park assist worked fine for 2 day then it acted up again. With the same problem. But now this time I can’t turn it on and there’s a soft glow on the switch. No matter what I do nothing works just a glow. Looking for some help with this one thanks
  7. I tried starting the truck is morning and everything is fine. Through out the day everything is working great! Started it one time and the radio came on at a really low volume for a second. Then stopped after that evening works as it should. I guess I can live with that till I get to the dealer thanks
  8. Thanks Geddylee 2112 I found it in the infotainment system manual but my manual only has 82 pages. I did find the settings you were talking about and I turned down the start volume to 0. Lets see what happens tomorrow
  9. My new 2019 Silverado has a issue with the radio volume. In the past couple of days, the volume goes to full plast when I start the truck. I can’t do anything with it screen freezes the only thing I can do is to shut off the radio with the knob. I always turn the volume down when ever I exit the truck Help me my ears can’t take it anymore!!
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