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  1. I have towed my bass boat now over 2000 miles. The highest I have seen my tranny temp was 179. Climbing a long grade. Usually runs about 148.
  2. I topped off completely when I brought it home from the dealer at 70 miles. I just noticed the other day it says 1/2 tank of Def at 2900 miles.
  3. Does it only do it after a remote start? Mine wont voice dial after a remote start but works fine if started normally. All the contacts are on the infotainment screen and I can dial from there.
  4. So the 10,000 mile oil changes were amsoil with amsoil filters. I question it now because of warranty. And before the 10,000 was inline with my OLM. My LMM has 297000 on it without a hiccup. I agree with the comment above 100,000 on a tranny oil change is stupid. So amsoil and filter is around $100 doing it yourself. So yeah it gets a little pricey. Over the road trucks arent changing oil that quick. BTW my background is a diesel mechanic. Just wandering if anyone knew why GM shortened oil life expectancy when other manufacturers have not. Thanks.
  5. I bought it the end of November and have 1500 miles on it. So not high mileage (yet).
  6. Oil change interval question. I have had an LB7, LLY, LMM, and now the 2020 L5P. All my other duramax trucks had an oil change interval around 10,000 miles. Why did they drop it to what appears to be around 5000 accordingto my OLM? Could it be emissions dumping more crap back in the engines? I asked this on another page and got no answers just obvious questions. Yes I have OLM, and it's on track for 5000 miles to 0%. Book says 7500. All my other duramax engines were around 10% drop per thousand miles. That ended up at around 10,000 mile oil changes. Fuel filter life seems to be averaging about the same as my LMM. I ran an oil sample several years ago on my LLY at 10,000. Results said run another 10,000 after a filter only change. Also my buddy has a 18 Ram and his OLM has him changing oil at 12,000. So the question is why is the oil life interval shrinking? Technology is better and oils are better. Just curious. Thanks,
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