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  1. I did not. I opened my tailgate up and it does not have the mounting provisions for the stock actuator so I just ordered the pop and lock. Actually just hooked it all up tonight. Seems to work pretty well. Of the dozen or so times I tried it I had a few that it didn't actually lock but I would say 8 out of 10 it did. Just seems like it needs a hair more travel to get it every time.
  2. Anyone parting out a 16-17 black Silverado. Looking for a good tailgate with assisted lowering camera and power lock. I have a good camera and all hardware. Mainly needing the shell and lock actuator.
  3. This is what I found for a 16 on rockauto
  4. Anybody know if it would be possible to add a power lock to the tailgate to work with the door locks and key fob? What all would it entail, an actuator and bcm programming I would assume? Thanks
  5. @pgamboa so if I understand this correct. so long as i have the power and ground circuits pictured on the passenger side, can find a power non-memory passenger seat this is a plug and play swap?
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