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  1. So I was driving and all of a sudden I get a “service parking brake” light and also a check engine light and a third one that I forgot. I pull over, turn the truck off and when I turned it back on all the lights were back off. I started driving again and it was accelerating fine but now every time I slow down to come to a stop, it jerks forward at around 3 mph then stops. Every time. I’ll start slowing down then once I’m almost to a complete stop, jerks forward again. it feels like it’s in the brakes but I’m not sure, this is a 2wd does anybody know what could possibly be going on? I have an appointment with the dealer on Monday but just wanted some insight. Thank you
  2. I have a Silverado LT Texas Edition with a single exhaust. Just got a muffler delete and welded the flapper open. IMG_4920.mov
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