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  1. I have 350 vortec with tbi. It started one day when I dropped my son off at school after Dr appointment. I turned truck off and took my son in and about 15 to 20 minutes I came out and turned the key and heard just a click. I replaced the starter, even though AutoZone said it was good and same thing happened. So I took battery and they said it was 100% good. But when I came back to truck and put battery back in, it started. When I got it to house, I took battery cable off and truck died. So I replaced alternator, even though AutoZone said it was good. Haven't had trouble starting it since..... But ever since I got it running again it's been spitting and sputtering when it's in gear. It don't really do it much at all when in park or neutral. It seems not to do it as much when cold and not giving it alot of gas to go but it definitely seems to get worse when it's hot and I live in Florida so it don't take long...lol. I can't check for codes cause I don't have the plug needed in my truck and don't have much money to spend. Did just replace fuel filter and still doing it. Hoping it's not the pump or pickup thing in gas tank. Anybody have any ideas on what it is???
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