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  1. Yep, kinda fell off the planet due to a big project deciding to start out of the blue right when I was implementing a new version control server and system, and one of my other clients decided they needed a bunch of stuff done for their system. When it rains, it pours. Also the whole family has been battling a flu for the past couple weeks to top it off. Not to mention that I'm also working on the plans and designs for some big home renovations too. Anyone growing snouts?
  2. Does anyone else notice that police are more attracted to pulling over red vehicles? Seems I get it all the time. Red must just be faster than any other color...
  3. Water. I hate being sick.
  4. Rum and root beer...I hate homework.
  5. My parentals have a couple of jet skis... 1998 Yamaha Waverunner XL 760 and its little brother, 1997 Yamaha Waverunner GP 760 Note: Pics are not actually of my parents jet skis, but they look identical. Any and all other similarities are purely coincidences.
  6. Um.....nevermind, even I am not going there..... Ha, no. I only drink the blood of my enemies, and occasionally a strawberry yoohoo.
  7. Some kind of juice. Kinda tastes like blood.
  8. Man, I haven't had a schlitz beer since elementary school.
  9. Some kind of juice. Might be better with vodka. Note to self, buy vodka.
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