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  1. So the dealer is pretty much useless for just swapping out the screen. Viktorrocks15 if you could send that info that would be great.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I had my cluster swap done with them and they did a great job. I plan on getting my hmi unlocked with them but i wanted to get the screen programmed first. Im wondering if more than 1 screen can be programmed to a vehicle at the same time. Maybe he couldn't program the new one since there is already 1 assigned to it.
  3. So i have a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado high country that didn't come with the rse. Im trying to put it all together myself and so far i have the rear display, the dvd player, and the infotainment screen. The screen is used from ebay so i took it to a local gm dealership to get it programmed and i thought it would be a simple job for a tech but i thought wrong. Before I took it to them i changed out my working screen for the used locked screen. So they call me and the tech says that the screen isn't working and i told him i know, because its locked. So 30 mins later he says he's all done and that he couldn't do it. To me he didn't know what he was doing but does anyone have any ideas on how its done or why it didn't work?
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