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  1. When I bought my new 2019 Sierra 1500 in July, with less than 150 miles on it, I noted that the brake pad life indicated in the DIC was already only 90% for my front brakes. After 5000 miles (2/3 of which is from interstate driving) and 4 months, front pad life is down to 30% and rear pads 60%. At this rate, I’ll need 2-3 brake jobs a year! What gives? Either my brake pads are made of cheese, or whatever way pad wear is monitored it is way off! I have not actually had the pads physically inspected.
  2. I have a 2019 Sierra SLT 1500 purchased new in July. When I back out in the morning, and then shift into drive, as I go forward there is a brief resonating moaning sound that I cannot identify the source of. It happened since I bought it, but it has gotten more pronounced, lasted longer (first 50-60 yrds) as the weather has dropped into single and low double digits recently. This only happens after the vehicle has been parked overnight, regardless of temperature, and so far not when backing out, only after shifting into drive and moving forward. My foot is not on the brake, and the electronic parking brake is off and was not on before baking out.
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