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  1. Same issue. See this thread: Still haven't had a chance to hand it over for the few days it will likely take to fix.
  2. Not here. Found the problem before battery replacement, and still have the problem after a brand new battery. Not to say it won't help the OP, but not I.
  3. 2017 LTZ long bed with the 6.2L https://www.carmax.com/car/18252431 Nevermind. After going back and looking through the pics, that's not a long bed.
  4. Not possessed. I have the same issue on my '14 High Country. I've narrowed it down to heat. When it is cool outside and/or no direct sunlight heating up the sunroof, it works perfectly. This is why the dealer was unable to reproduce while it sat in their service bay. And when I picked it up in the morning, no problems. Later in the day, it produces all sorts of stuttering and stops. I've had an independent shop test as much as they could get to without taking everything apart (apparently it involves the curtain airbags). They believe the problem is with the motor. The switches checked out just fine regarding voltage. Haven't had a chance to hand it over to a specialist yet, as I need my truck on a daily basis. And yes, I signed up just for this post. I've been researching this problem for quite a while now. There's one other post on this forum from about 4 years ago that describes the same issue, but there was no resolution.
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