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  1. Good thing if it's not the visor and wife you are whining about. If it is, she's too good for you.
  2. Part of the answer is - What was your old worst and overall averages. You want looks or you want fuel econ?
  3. It might help to proofread your note and make it read more clearly.
  4. My 2014 high beams were so bad I added 2 - 4 led fixtures behind the grill. Worked great, but needed to be careful to not get spotted using. On the other hand, I could spot things 1/4 mile away that I would have had to be feet away from before. There were shutters to reduce the output for low beams, but I found the maximum output was totally inadequate.
  5. Had my new 3L for about 5 weeks replacing a 14 5.3. Averaging about 26 (mixed driving) mpg and have much better acceleration. Looking forward to 5th wheel towing in a few days. Love the new truck in spite of the sh..ty dealership in Tucson that Costco sent me to.
  6. My system would shut down and restart occasionally within the first week of taking delivery - 2020 Sierra 1500 Dbl 3L Diesel. By 500 miles it died and I'm waiting for the replacement to arrive.
  7. At least you have a radio. My 5 week old 2020 Sierra ($60k) whole infotainment system is down.
  8. Is this not a safety issue covered by a (federally required) extended warranty?
  9. Just notified my 2020 dbl cab 3L diesel came in today, so my 2014 dbl cab 5.3 (70k miles) sle is available. When new, dealer replaced most of the rear end because gearing was out of specs. Trouble-free since. Line-X, leather, rear air suspension, soft, roll-up box cover, and running boards.
  10. Float issue? Don't know how these measures but it used to mean that the float was saturated.
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