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  1. There are times the truck looks perfectly straight. Like right now. It looks fine. The truck was new when bought
  2. Lol dont be stupid man. The truck clearly looks lop sided. Like i said, the truck looks like it had a stroke
  3. My apologies man lol just a bit tired of truck now.
  4. You mean the same old lame ass truck with a rebadged front? And priced way higher? At this point always been a chevy man but this will sadly be my last GM vehicle. ****ing oversized rattling, piece of ******. The chevy lean? The chevy rattle? The chevy squeaky leaf springs? This truck has it all. General Motors? General crap is more suiting.
  5. The hood grille alignment is not off. Well at least i like to think its not off by itself. The chrome on top has a small crack and is bent because of that which, well yea makes it seem off. but anyways all you guys are a bunch of asses. I just asked a question, what kind of forum is this? Assholes. and also my friend has a black one and we both agree, white just looks better on the truck.
  6. I mean c’mon its so obvious and i hate it. You must be blind if you dont know what im talking about. How can i fix that?
  7. Thanks guys. Glad to know you all like them as well.
  8. How’s it going guys? So i recently switched from factory cloth to leather katzkins. I have a 2017 silverado with the cocoa dune interior. What do you guys think of the modification? I personally like it but feel it might be a tad loose in some places, not very loose. I’m posting some before and after pics. Do you guys think the installation was a success or could the upholstery shop done a better job? And i know my truck needs a good vacuuming, any good at home vacuums that you guys would recommend?
  9. How’s it going guys? I was wondering if anyone could help me out. So i have a 2017 silverado crew cab with a cloth interior, it is the cocoa dune interior. I been looking at getting my cloth seats covered by katskins leather interior. From the videos i’ve seen and the reviews as well, they sound legit. I want to get the dark cocoa dune seat leather covers like in the picture i attached but i really dont like the light brown plastic that i circled in red that my truck also has. What is this plastic called ? I want it to match the dark cocoa interior.
  10. Hey guys, was just wondering how you guys felt about chrome on a white 2017 lt silverado. I am talking about chrome on both bumpers, mesh grill chromed, mirrors, handles, and wheels. I have seen a few down the road that are all chromed out and oh boy do they look SHINY and Blingy when the sun hits them. Makes the truck stand out way more, which i love. What is your guys preferance? Personally i hate the color matched grills, makes for a very subtle look, looks fine i guess. I want to chrome out my mesh grill, mirrors and handles. I’ll post a pic of mine and a pic of one with a chromed out grill. Which one looks better? One on top is mine.
  11. How’s it going guys? About 2 weeks ago i bought a used 2017 silverado, the thing is beautiful i love it. There was one small small issue with the truck that i paid it no mind at first but now its irking me real bad. The rear back up sensor all the way on the left side of the truck was “broken” when i first got the truck, now im trying to replace it. After investigating my truck. the sensor is actually still there, but its pushed in. What actually broke was the little bracket that holds the sensor in place. I’ll attach some pics so you guys can understand a bit better. My thing is, do i really have to take off the entire rear bumper to fix this issue? It seems like there is no way to get to the 2 most farthest out sensors, while the two in the middle are easily accesible. Attached pics are of the bracket i was able to pull out. The actual sensor is behind the hole, pushed in connected to the wire. How do i change this out? I already ordered a bracket that holds the sensor.
  12. How’s it going guys, i recently purchased a pre owned 2017 lt 5.3 v8 silverado with 35k miles on it. And i was just wondering if this is a normal noise the engine should be making. To me it sounds somewhat like chirping, cricket noises, or something of that nature. Maybe its normal and i’m just thinking there’s something bad because i bought pre owned. I attached a video. Thank guys and also i absolutely love the truck. I have noticed there’s more pep in the driving when i fuel with 89 gas instead of the other 2. What do you guys think about that? FullSizeRender.mov
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