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  1. Great info! I personally am horrible at anything body work, my knowledge is contained to under the hood. But I am going to go to a few body shops and mention what you said and see if any of them are willing, I hate this freaking rust but not enough to drop 3k. Hopefully somebody is willing to do it because I definitely don’t trust myself
  2. Very true, and I have always heard of bondo in a negative aspect but honestly if it works then I have no problem with it. And I know exactly what you mean about the older trucks, I daily drove an 85 C10 with a 400sbc in it for 4 years and it was in mint condition, no rust anywhere. I still have it just this is my new daily, do you know if body shops are willing to do bondo repair or is it something that I have to do myself? Because I’d rather have someone more experienced do it
  3. I have an 05 Silverado and there is no rust anywhere on the vehicle except some very noticeable rust on the rocker panels. Now I don’t live in a rust prone area so I just need to get it fixed and move on, I got quoted $3-4k for new rocker panels at body shops in my area and that is way too much to justify just fixing some rust. I’m probably just gonna go the bondo route, from what I hear it works just fine. I’m not expecting the best I just want to stop it from spreading and make it less noticeable. I don’t trust myself with doing it and was wondering if body shops do work with bondo or if I would have to find a specific person. Thankyou for your input
  4. Mighty muffler is actually the shop I talked about in the post, I’m sure they do fine work. They just lied to me which I do not appreciate very much
  5. I will be on the lookout, I’m gonna ask around and maybe take a drive to a few places
  6. Awesome, I’ll give them a call. I appreciate it
  7. Looking to get a true dual 2.5” system with an h pipe on my 05 Silverado. Already have the Borla ATAK cratemufflers, went to a local shop and they told me that I can’t do an h pipe because my pipes are too close and I have to do an x pipe which I know is a flat out lie. They just didn’t want to do the work. My mufflers aren’t cheap so I would like a shop that has great quality and experience with performance and custom applications. i am in the Knoxville area. any recommendations help. Thankyou
  8. Exactly, now I’ve got to try and find a quality exhaust shop here in east TN. Hard to find since they are a dime a dozen around here and I’d say most all of them are shotty, I don’t want cheap labor on my expensive parts
  9. Thanks Mike, that’s exactly what I thought. He probably thought I was another gullible customer that he could lie to to either save a penny or keep him from have to fabricate an h pipe for it. Definitely gonna find another shop
  10. So I have two Borla crate mufflers I am going to put on my 2005 Silverado. I am doing a true dual 2.5” setup with an H pipe. When I go to the shop to get a quote he tells me that the h pipe wouldn’t do anything for me since the pipes are too close to get an x pipe. I’ve heard about shops saying this before and the people not happy with the sound after. I mean won’t it work the same and still equalize the pressure? I really dislike the raspiness of an x pipe and fell in love with the idea of an h pipe. Is what he is saying true or is he just trying to sway me for his own reasons? Because I believe they are mainly a magnaflow shop and use the magnaflow x pipe and if I am not mistaken they don’t make a h pipe. But I could be wrong, any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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