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  1. What was the actual height of the leveling kit installed and was it a top or bottom spacer? I have a old kit from my 2007 Silverado that I swear looks like it will fit (lower spacer) and need to know what steel thickness eqauls 2” of level.
  2. https://youtu.be/mjzhaoz9PDk these guys say 305/55r20. That’s what I’m planning on in a few weeks using a BMF SOTA 20x9 that I have already.
  3. Aight dang, yeah I preferred the RST look but couldnt the the 6.2 so I went with the LTZ. Chrome will be gone soon though. Thank you
  4. Awesome looking truck, love everything that you’ve done. Do you still have the lower bumper black section from the RST front end? I’d like to buy it from you if so. I have an LTZ and I’m not a fan of the chrome lower section and don’t want to paint it. I’ll PM you as well. Did you remove the old door handles yourself for the color match? Trying to figure out how to get these door handles off mine for a color match. The unlock button and wire are the problem. Was hoping to not have to remove the interior panels but seemingly like there’s no other way to get to the plug for the door handle wire unlock button thing. Thanks for the help in advance
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