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  1. Hi All, I'm going to be putting some bigger meats on my truck and wondering what the stock offset is. Thanks! ~Troy
  2. Well, I have just been notified that my rims and tires finally came in. Sooooo..... To the OP, as I mentioned above, I have waited nearly 3 months, but they have finally come in. So your parts may take AWHILE, but I'm sure they will come in eventually. ~Troy
  3. I agree that is part of it and I do understand. But 3 months is a bit much. Time is up imo. To the OP, give it a little more time. 3wks isnt very long for a BO. You hopefully will hear something soon. But as the consumer, you do have the right to cancel your order. ~Troy
  4. I'm still waiting for my rims. It's going on 3 months now. Was part of the deal when I bought my truck in early November. Sooooo... GM "back order" Fekkin SUCKS! Gonna make a trip to the dealership this weekend to cancel the order (if I can) and see if they will just cut me a check. I don't have much faith in them cooperating, so this may escalate quickly. I'm glad I have not submitted my customer satisfaction survey yet ~Troy
  5. I love the looks of the Terra Grapplers and have read good reviews on them. My 2019 TB is completely stock (20" wheels) and was wondering if anyone is running 305/55R20's with no lift, level or wheel spacers? I've seen pics on here of a few TB's with them and also some KO2's, which I like as well, in that size, but they all seem to have a lift, level and/or wheel spacers. Any idea if I can get away with stuffing some of these meats on my truck with little to no mods? Thanks, ~Troy
  6. Well, after further research, I do, in fact, have to have the dealer "program" the lights to work. Who knew! ~Troy
  7. I will certainly take a look. Thanks for the tip. Otherwise, I will make a trip to the dealership for some insight. Thanks!
  8. Can you please elaborate? My truck was already pre-wired from the factory for the lights. I did not have to run any cables. ~Troy
  9. I have not been able to figure this out. The only fuse I have found on any of the fuse box diagrams is just the one cargo fuse (#34) and naturally, it is in place. Does this maybe need to be programmed into the ecm in order to function? I'm rather puzzled. Why would it be wired and then not work? ~Troy
  10. Hi All, My 2019 Trail Boss Custom is wired for the LED lights in the bed on each side of the tail gate. I popped the plastic panels off in preparation for a spray-on bed liner. And much to my surprise, there are plugs in there for the factory LED's to be installed. So I bought a couple factory LED's and installed them...but they don't work...? I would think that they would just be linked to the Cargo Light Switch above the headlight dial, but apparently not. I've tried with the truck running, and in just accessory mode, with the headlights on and off. Nothing works....any ideas?
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