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  1. One of these days I'm gonna finally work up the nerve to pop this grille out and put my flashing in, I love the look you have on your's...
  2. I have a set of the factory rubber floor mats for a 19 double cab that I took out to upgrade to the liners and I'd be willing to let go of them easily, and no they don't seem very "grabby"
  3. Finally got the RC bed mat installed, seems great... I agree with you mistermcgoo, mine had some yellow fibers in it but since it's under the tonneau cover, I really don't care that much, seems well constructed. I was even able drill some 1/2" holes in the mat to accommodate the drain tubes from the tonneau.. Thank you to all that replied to the topic!!
  4. I know it's on the bag, I'll take a look when I get home and DM you
  5. I got the one that came with my truck that I would let go to someone that would cover shipping it's just taking up space in my garage... It's a CTB if that makes a difference...
  6. I understand they’re not perfect, but I live in a very rural area with a lot of opportunists (methheads) rather that professionals... anything I can do to lessen the likelihood this scum will bust up my truck is a little piece of mind while working 12-16 hour shifts saving their asses... haha
  7. To do this to a custom, does it require four turn signal bulbs?
  8. The Ebay auction says these are plug and play... how exactly do these hook up?
  9. I ordered the Gorilla Guard locks part number 64641 after reviewing the last model thread about the same thing... I will update once they are installed... Do you happen to know which ones were installed?
  10. Those look identical to me. Mine came with the OEM 20s, I wish they were completely blacked out like those.
  11. I love it... Seems a little light compared to the black on the stock grille. All around awesome though! Do you have any night pics?
  12. From what I've read they are your best bet for a locking lug nut. There are so many choices of M14x1.5, I dunno which one to choose... and of course their website says they don't sell directly to the public (although their amazon account very much does) and is no help what-so-ever...
  13. Has anyone used the Gorilla Guard wheel locks and knows which to purchase for the '19 CTB with 20" OEM rims?
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