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  1. I feel like I need one of these... although I probably don't. I'm interested in hearing everyone's experiences with the GM style ones that just seal the bottom and the "universal fit" ones that fit on all three sides but from what I've seen on installation videos require multiple cuts and fittings that seem to be nothing more than intuition-based?? And also do they interfere with the automatic tailgate down function? And tailgate up function for those with higher trim levels?
  2. Someone on here wrapped the top of a white silverado in black... looked great...
  3. I’m assuming these are the same for a custom. I had the fog lights put in by the dealer and for some reason I can’t get the diode to insert into pin #10 (the wire they installed with the fog light setup seems slightly thicker than the rest). This is the second night in a row I’ve spent around an hour trying to get this done... Any tips out there to help me out?
  4. So. I'm entirely clueless... Do i need to remove something or do I just shove this in the spots? (never done anything like this before)
  5. When I read this title I thought it was going to be a joke about the exhaust...haha
  6. I love the looks of it but it definitely needs some paint matching!
  7. I'm glad to see you in the forum... I have watched multiple videos of yours on youtube... thank you for the grille disassembly video!
  8. Carl, I am not the most hands-on guy here... but I know the fog lights run through a rather large grommet on the passenger side... I know it;s not the best help and hopefully someone more knowledgeable will reply soon... And by the way, what's the purpose of the power inverter?
  9. This looks awesome... I still have my old 12" solobaric from my 99 that I would love to mount in my trailboss... what kind of harness is recommended for the most basic platform being a CTB? If this doesn't make any sense I apologize because I don't know anything about all this... haha
  10. Are these the ones from the GM accessories website?
  11. I am so happy I finally found this thread after weeks of searching, this is the reason I purchased the running boards I did and also joined this site. Thank you for your suggestions!!
  12. So what's the verdict guys, do you need to powder coating or is plastidip holding up fine since it's just tips? I really dread taking those off... haha. and do you think white would look good on a white TB?
  13. Any updates on the install video for the smaller one? Once that gets posted, I think I'm gonna pull the trigger...
  14. Apparently this has been a common issue, there are some posts in this thread about it. Hopefully it won't take much longer but one of the guys had been waiting north of 3 months...
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