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  1. Thanks for the reply, in the process of ordering right now
  2. I have a fairly good tonneau cover in the gator recoil and don't want to lose the way my white factory bed lights up with the LED bed lights but need a bed mat to assist in protecting my bed... does anyone have experience with these? the thickest and cheapest I have found is the RC bed mat. Thank you all, Chris J
  3. If they are interchangeable I don't see any reason Why I couldn't order a seat back configuration from gm....
  4. I was pondering the idea of if I could possible order a new seat back from the dealer in order to possess rear sea storage in my double cab CTB , when I asked GM assistance they stated that there is no rear seat storage available for double cabs. My question is how different is the double cab seat back from the crew cab in the first place and are they switchable and therefore rear seat storage available? I know you guys on here seem to be way more knowledgeable than 99/100 sales staff at any GM dealer. I really want that extra storage!!! Thank you in advance, Chris J
  5. Someone up the road from me (you can see how backwoods I am) bought one of these recently and it's the first I've seen in person. It's the best color they have put out, looks good in low light and rainy weather even if it's a little dirty
  6. After seeing this I went outside to check and realized mine doesn't have this icon... Is it worth taking back to the dealer if they work fine?
  7. While hunting for a tonneau cover I remember watching one of the installation videos that showed how to attach with this handle in place, it utilized the handle's mounting screws instead of the brackets supplied. Since I don't have one I'm not sure which one it was but I know it was a retractable cover and I'm pretty sure it was a RealTruck video. Dunno if this helps anyone.
  8. I understand that, the fog lights I ordered were on back order for 2 months. There are some guys on here who have been waiting for fuel pumps for more than 4-5 months. I hope you hood arrives soon!
  9. This may be a little off topic but I'd love to see how the HD hood turned out on your 1500.
  10. You remove the taillights be removing the two T15s and pull directly backwards. The license plate bulb harnesses just twist out.
  11. Thank you for your posts regarding the SeaLight LEDs. After following this thread for some time and getting the OEM fog lights installed, I had to order them and must say so far they appear to be wonderful. My only regret is I didn't do it sooner and had smaller hands to switch out those high beams.
  12. Different dealers will charge a different price, the closest dealer to me wanted $130 and one another 15 minutes away charged $95. I'm not the most technically inclined so considering it took the mechanics over six hours to change my oil, rotate tires, do the brake and seat belt recalls and install the fog lights it was well worth it to me. If you purchase through the Chevrolet accessories website and choose dealer install you can check different dealers' rates in your area.
  13. That is how they should have came for almost a grand and being labeled as "sport"
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