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  1. I did not have to have it flashed and seemed to wake it up. The GM package is overrated, overpriced and the so called flash makes no noticeable difference. When I inquired about it at the dealerships performance shop, they are the ones who told me to go aftermarket that the GM CAI and exhaust (made by Borla) was okay but better options.
  2. I'm partial, but I would go with the Borla S-Type over Corsa and Borla actually builds the GM exhaust. Its pretty much Borlas touring exhaust. My Borla and CAI installed was $1500. Expect to pay over $2000 for the others.
  3. Meh, I was expecting something more dynamic. I like my current interior and don't see enough to make the jump.
  4. It will cost depending on installer somewhere between $1200-1600.
  5. The truck had cloth that I was happy with and had no intentions in getting leather until I seen one similar to this that another truck had. AC Sport here in Arkansas does just about all trucks for dealers. The leather is Katzkin leather out of California. They removed the factory cloth and installed these to include the console lid. Thanks for the compliment.
  6. 20x9 TB replicas +15 offset with 305/55R20.
  7. On my leveled 2020 RST I'm running 305/55R20 BFG K02.
  8. I got the same deal a couple months ago with them. Thanks for the great info and best price I seen anywhere.
  9. I actually have the Cold Air Induction brand. Very well made but hard to tell if it made any difference. I did the Borla Stype and intake at the same time.
  10. Nope! When I specked my RST, I got the max tow trailering package with the 6.2. In my opinion it's better than the Z71 package.
  11. Does anyone know the factory 20" wheel offset?
  12. I have a 2020 RST 6.2 and can say it's the best mod I have done so far. Doesn't add power, but the throttle response is amazing and should be the way GM should build them.
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