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  1. looks awesome man! I wrapped mine in my garage.. It was a pain. I took off all of the bumpers and mirrors and handles etc.. Almost quit like 6 times haha..
  2. hmm.. i bet there is a way... probably you would just need to tap into the headlight circuit and combine it with the mirror light circuit. Use a diode though so the headlights dont try and turn on when you turn on your task lighting.
  3. Check this out!! Fits perfect in the sliding glass window. I have a no sticker rule on my vehicles... but every once in a while I make an exception... Got them here! https://www.ebay.com/itm/113939215327
  4. I installed a Cold Air Inductions intake system on my truck and took it to a dyno to see if it made power... surprisingly it did lol...
  5. i dont remember the part number but its in the description below the video on youtube!!
  6. Just wrapped up a simple DIY on installing puddle lights under the mirrors! Cost like $20!
  7. "More than you can afford pal...Ferrari"... Sorry.. i saw a good opportunity for a fast and furious quote lol. The materials cost me about $1000. I did the wrap myself in my garage over a weekend.
  8. i did it myself... materials cost about $1k. A shop would charge probably 2-4k depending on how in depth you went with it..
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