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  1. Not a huge fan of the switch that was provided with the kit. I'd prefer something more OEM looking. Might change it out later.
  2. Installed these this weekend....simple install and great fit.
  3. HMI and Headlamps are sold, Still have the alarm available though.
  4. Forgot to mention, the driver side headlamp has two of the four mounting tabs broken. They were like this when I purchased them. They still mount very solid and in no way affected the performance of the headlamp.
  5. I just traded in my 2014 Silverado LS crew cab for a newer model. I removed some of my upgrades and need to get rid of them. I will be posting the headlamps on my local craigslist and everything else on ebay eventually but I wanted to give yall first crack. Here's what i have....... 14-16 FACTORY MYLINK GPS NAVIGATION IO5-IO6 HMI UPGRADE KIT WITH TEXT TO VOICE This module has to be programmed to your VIN for it to work correctly. I purchased this from Digital-Dash-Solutions (http://www.fixmygauges.com/). Please contact them if you are interested in this module. I am not sure how much they will charge you to program it to your VIN. I am asking $400 shipping included. DIRECTED VIPER 5X10 REMOTE START WITH ALARM AND PROXIMITY LOCK AND UNLOCK, SHOCK SENSOR AND DIGITAL TILT SENSOR This alarm has all the goodies.....remote start with Transponder bypass built-in. This also includes the T-harness for the key cylinder install. No cutting and/or splicing at the key cylinder!!! The installer will only need to splice 3 wires for this install (the two CAN wires and parking lamp circuit) This system uses the factory remotes for lock, unlock, and remote start. For remote start, simply push the lock button three times. This system also includes the Directed 2102T module that allows the user to unlock and lock your vehicle by walking up to it and walking away from it. Im asking $250 shipping included. 2014-2015 FACTORY OEM SILVERADO PROJECTOR HEADLAMPS THAT HAVE BEEN CLEAR CORNERED AND FITTED WITH ALL LED LIGHTING These headlamps are awesome! I bought these off a member around 6 months ago. They were already clear cornered but were in rough shape. I completely re-did them and have since had absolutely no issues with fogging or leaking. I have installed JDM switchback LEDs for the parking lamps/turnsignals. They are white while driving but switch to amber for blinking function and then back to white. Also, i have installed OPT7 High Intensity LEDs with capacitors and ballasts for the low beams. They look amazing with the projector lenses!!! The high beams are standard halogen bulbs. I am asking $600 for the pair plus shipping. Send me your Zipcode and ill let you know how much shipping will be. PICS TO FOLLOW..........
  6. Do you have the door harness for each of the mirrors?
  7. Jeff, I used the Rough Country 2" wheel spacers but from my experience you can find them a little cheaper on Amazon or other websites. Here's the link for the RC spacers: http://www.roughcountry.com/wheel-spacers-1101.html Obviously, you will need to buy two pair. I have used these same spacers on my last two FSCs and have not had a single issue. Mind you I dont do alot of offroad driving. Never had any vibration issues. On the front wheels, there are little copper keeper rings on two of the factory studs that help aid the install of the factory rotor. Make sure u remove them otherwise the spacer will not sit flush up against the rotor. Ill take some pics down the side when I get home tonight.
  8. Installed Supreme Suspensions 3"/2" lift and 2" wheel spacers. Nice and Level!
  9. sfakeith

    sfakeith's 2014 Silverado

    2014 Chevy Silverado RC leveling Kit 275/65/20 BFG A/T Center console swap 2016 IO6 Nav Upgrade
  10. sfakeith

    IMG 1506

    The guy I got it from (eBay) programmed it to my VIN. Just had to remove the glovebox and swap out the old HMI to the new one. Install took less than 20 mins.
  11. sfakeith

    IMG 1506

    $570 (but that includes 2016 factory nav with weather and traffic). Plus another $4 on top of my standard siriusxm subscription.
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