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  1. Yes, probably depends on the tire but 35x12.50r18 Patriot M/Ts fit on mine with only the 1.5 RC level.
  2. Taken off my 2020 Silverado TB with only 60 miles on it. Like new. $50 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 US states. Sells for $80 on Chevy website.
  3. The entire grille comes off as one piece. It’s super easy to take off, 4 bolts and then the whole thing snaps outward.
  4. Yea, they said the grille was way harder to wrap than the bumpers.
  5. Turned out pretty nice IMO. Still trying to decide if I should blackout the badges and side mirrors or leave them chrome...
  6. Not a huge fan of the switch that was provided with the kit. I'd prefer something more OEM looking. Might change it out later.
  7. Installed these this weekend....simple install and great fit.
  8. HMI and Headlamps are sold, Still have the alarm available though.
  9. Forgot to mention, the driver side headlamp has two of the four mounting tabs broken. They were like this when I purchased them. They still mount very solid and in no way affected the performance of the headlamp.
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