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  1. I’m not confused… I really enjoy my truck but am frustrated by the issues I have had…
  2. Got an email from GM with a buy back offer last week. I’ve had no issues lately and really like my truck. Not sure what I want to do now!
  3. Clunky downshifting and underpowered acceleration... along with check engine light.
  4. In the last year my truck has been at the dealership for a total of at least a month cumulative. The check engine light keeps coming on... I had to have it towed to the dealership 1x... the transmission keeps having issues... the dealership has it for a week at a time trying to problem solve things. This has happened 3x... They replaced some solenoids in the transmission. We Picked it up a week later to then return it when the check engine light came back on. They had the truck again for a week and replaced 3 wiring harnesses in the transmission. We picked the truck up on Saturday and got 10 miles from the dealership and the check engine light came back on. We returned the truck to the dealership on Monday... I’m done with the truck. It’s not reliable and in the last year it’s been unavailable for 1/12 of the time... not to mention the hassle of getting to and from the dealership. Wondering if anyone has experience with buyback or lemon law in California? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I sold my 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 with the 6.2... bought a 202 Silverado with the Duramax... NIGHT and DAY difference with fuel economy... don't miss the pig at all...
  6. im in the process of removing the current chrome and replacing with vinyl... should make it look cleaner and make washing it a bit easier.
  7. I’ll be installing them next week and will take pics... could probably do different variation if interested...
  8. I’d like to get rid of my chrome passive door handles... any idea on black part number? Wanna swap off my LTZ...
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