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  1. 1.5 inch level kit

    Motofab 1.5” installed on mine... actually rides better now IMO
  2. I added some vinyl to the rear after removing the chrome... not happy with color or size so I need to tweak the artwork a bit more...
  3. Finally got the Motofab 1.5” level kit installed... considering removing the AT4 on the sides...
  4. Did you find install directions somewhere? I was going to install and wasn't sure where the "plugs" were supposed to go...
  5. yes would like to know as well... thanks!
  6. AT4 leveling kit updates

    What can I expect to pay for the install on something like this?
  7. AT4 leveling kit updates

    Just ordered 1.5” Motofab... looking forward to the results!
  8. 2019 GMC Emblem Installation

    Thank you for your help! I just replaced my letters with the black... aside from some issues getting the new clips to “click” it was a rather painless experience! Pretty happy with the results...
  9. Thanks for the information... I found a set and swapped them out! Look great and after selling my takeoffs only cost $200... winning!
  10. So today I swapped the red GMC lettering out front and back... much better!
  11. I put some 18” Trail Boss wheels on my Satin Steel AT4...
  12. New AT4 owner here... had my heart and mind set on a Trail Boss... After looking and driving both I came home with this beauty! I was able to find some TB takeoffs... love the look!
  13. Along with this topic... I just picked up a new AT4 on Friday... after stalking the Trail Boss forever I couldn't justify NOT going with the AT4... I was wondering if the Trail Boss 18" wheels would work on the AT4? Any input or direction? My truck currently has the 18" setup and I don't love the factory GMC wheels... compared to the blacked out Trail Boss look.

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