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  1. Again, totally embarrassing.... that GM can’t calculate what other manufacturers can. Whether it’s good for the vehicle or not doesn’t matter. Whether someone can afford to fill up sooner doesn’t matter. Ford made the same dumb arguments back when they used to not put the latch child restraint system in the backseat of their 1 ton trucks. They said those are mainly work trucks and kids don’t ride in them. Again, that doesn’t matter. People do put car seats in the back seat of one ton trucks, and people do drive their vehicles down to the last drop of gas - regularly. Why? Because it’s a free country and we can. So stop being a bunch of socialists/communists and defending GM for not knowing how to calculate a dang fuel supply.
  2. GM, this is embarrassing, and for all the owners making excuses as to why it is this way, you need to open your eyes. Plenty of vehicles from multiple other manufacturers all give “conservative” estimates right down to 0 miles remiaining - and that is helpful. The fact that an $80,000 Denali does not do this and a $30,000 Ford does do this is pitiful. No excuses, GM needs a better system.
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